Best Flat Bar Road Bike Reviews & Ultimate Guide in 2020

Best Flat Bar Road BikeA flat bar road bike is an excellent option for regular riding such as going to shop, work or even on an adventure ride with friends. Moreover, they offer you a comfortable ride and efficiency. That is why they are very much suitable for fitness ride too.Out there, you will find a numerous of them, therefore, this is confusing for almost everyone to figure out the best flat bar road bike for them.

After applying my twelve years of knowledge and experience on weeks of research, I have made this list of top 8 flat bar road bike reviews. So, for the next couple of minutes, I’m going to represent in depth review on these high quality flat bar road bikes under 1000. But, before that, let’s spend some words on flat road bikes.

What is a Flat Road Bike?

Firstly Flat bar road bikes are offspring of hybrid bike. After going through certain optimization, finally, they had become appropriates for urban road usage.

Firstly, they are easily recognizable with their flat handle bar. All the flat road bikes have standard 700c size rims. They are relatively lightweight and doesn’t have many attachments. In general, metal alloy or aluminum is used in this type of bike for the economy and light weightiness. They have manual V style brake but sometimes you can find them having a disc brake. Nowadays most of the flat bar bike have gear having 21 or 24 speeds but the simplest ones come with fixed speed. You can ride this bike up to a speed of 25 mph but on an average, the speed is 9.6 mph, and they are great for fitness as well as regular riding.

Our Top Pick Best Flat Bar Road Bike On The Market

GMC Denali Flat Bar Road Bike

What are your expectations from a road bike? I know, swift with less effort; that’s all you want. gmc denali flat bar road bike is loaded with such features, therefore this one easily meets these conditions. So, I can’t help, but allocate the first position for this one.

Variable speed; probably the most important features that every road biker looks first. This one has the three-speed crank at the front and seven at the rear. So if you multiply it becomes 21. Therefore, whether it’s crowd or free road; this one runs smooth. Moreover, this one allows you to run the bike as your physical energy and need.

Although men’s gmc large frame 700c denali flat bar road bike doesn’t have a hydraulic brake system, the manual one is sufficient if you aren’t a rough biker. Both the calipers and levers are made of alloy, and that is why they provide better stability and durability. Breaking the brake levers was my regular incident when I was a kid. Because of an alloy construction, you won’t face that kind of problem.

Alloy made racing rims are lightweight hence create less inertia; which means you’re going to need less effort to give the bike shift. Shimano is a worldwide famous brand for manufacturing bike gears and accessories. The derailleur, as well as shifts of this one, are made by them. Therefore there is no doubt on smoothness changing.

And finally, the Aluminum made frame makes it durable and lightweight at one. This one has only 37-pound weight hence, this one gives you a great velocity from less effort.

Finally, when it comes to beating the street, this one is the master.

Highlighted Features:

  • 21-speed variations.
  • 700 x 32 tires with alloy rims.
  • Shimano derailleur and Shimano Revo Shifts.
  • Three different sizes with 700c wheel style.
  • 57 cm medium height.


  • Light weight as well as the durable Aluminum body.
  • Smooth and quick gear change.
  • Durable racing rim also high-grade tires.
  • Instant stop brake.
  • Hydration case.
  • Full body paint coated.


  • The front tire rubs feet.
  • The chain isn’t that much durable.

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Schwinn Men’s Volare 1200 Bike, 700c, Grey

Wherever you look, this one is made for beating the street. From frame to wheel even the seat; everything has a special design. Schwinn gave a lot of effort to overcome all the handicaps that a traditional road bike has.

schwinn men’s volare 1200 bike Full body is made with aluminum fitness frame; hence weight is less although have a number of attachments. The fork is fully rigid. This is good for those who ride on the plainer road, but if the road isn’t well, then you are going to have some trouble.

Whenever it comes to making bike gear Shimano unbeatable. This bike has Shimano EZ Fire shifter with Shimano rear derailleur, therefore, it allows you to shift the gear to any position at any condition smoothly.

This one has the linear pull brake system, and all the parts of the braking system are made of alloy. They are efficient enough for instant breaking. But I personally don’t like the style of the breaking lever as this is not large and thick enough.

The rims and the tires give this one a specialty for road riding. High profile rim is constructed of alloy. Again the wheel is thin, therefore less friction with road and less energy loss. They have also used less spoke to minimize the weight. On the other hand, the seat made in racing style position-able with clips that allow you to change your position according to the circumstances.

While you ride this bike, you have to bends your body to the front a little. schwinn men’s volare 1200 bike 700c has done this because, in this position, the rider can apply more force on the paddle with less effort.

Highlighted Features:

  • 21 different gear position.
  • Weighs 29 Pounds.
  • Fully rigid aluminum fork.
  • 700-inch wheel.
  • 56 cm medium height.
  • Schwinn alloy crank


  • Lightweight Aluminum body, therefore less effort riding.
  • Thin wheel hence less friction.
  • Smooth and quick gear.
  • Easily upgradable.
  • Efficient brake.


  • The seat, as well as the handlebar grip, isn’t that much comfortable.

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Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike

Love the KISS theory? Then I’m sure you are going to love this one. This is most noteworthy that Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike is the simplest bike of our best flat bar road bike list. Although you’re not going to have the gear feature with this when you want to keep yourself away from maintenance trouble; what can be better than this.

Firstly, the whole frame is made of steel. You may say, Steel! Yes but don’t worry this is tig welded and electronically plated. So, no chances for the water and oxygen to attack. The brake lever is well enough for efficient breaking, but I’m confused how long the brake shoe will last. Again the paint coating on the rim may lose after a couple of month and results in rust. I think they could have some improvement here.

The good structure is not that thin nor wide – well for road riding with normal speed. Spokes seem to have a fine coating that will keep them rust free. Takara bike has added a chain cover for safety of the rider. This is obvious that some of the features of this bike aren’t satisfactory, but this one is up gradable.

Finally, when you are in short of money and looking for one that can be upgraded later, choosing this Takara Sugiyama best single speed bike.

Highlighted Features:

  • Steel made frame & Fork.
  • Fixed gear.
  • 700c wheels.
  • Manual brake.
  • 58 cm height.


  • Easily upgradable.
  • Weald & coated body.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Thin wheel hence less friction.
  • Chain cover for safety.


  • Gear is fixed.
  • The brake isn’t much durable.

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Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike

This one has style. Without any doubt, this one has the most attractive design of our best flat road bike list. So, did we select this one only for its style? Definitely, No. This one has all the necessary features that a standard flat road bike must have. Moreover, this one has some exclusive features, and I’m pretty much sure that you are going to love them.

As we did all the time; Firstly, let’s have a look at the body. The frame is made of aluminum hence it reduces the weight to a great extent. The fork is made of steel. That may sound bad disappointing to some people. But if you look at the load transfer module of the bike, you will find that a great amount force is a beard by it. So, this makes sense making it with steel as steel has more strength than aluminum.

Then it comes about the brake. Doubtlessly this one has a nice brake. They are made of alloy. In addition, the brake shoe is pretty much strong. But there is a vexing issue here. As the rim is coated with paint, you will lose them soon because of friction with rigid brake shoe.

Giordano rs700 hybrid bike comes with traditional 21 gear, and they are smooth and works changes quickly. Wheels are pretty much decent, and tires have enough abrasion prevention capability when riding on a bituminous road. And finally one thing; assembling this bike is an easy task. In some cases, you won’t need any special instrument to do this job.

Although this will cost you a little bit more money than the ordinary bikes, I think for an exclusive one, spending some extra will be wise. If you are looking for more information about hybrid bike go here right away.

Highlighted Features:

  • Steel fork and aluminum body.
  • Shimano 21 shifting gear.
  • 700c Wheels.
  • 60 cm height.
  • 75 pounds weight.


  • Attractive & decent design.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Efficient brake.
  • Easy as well as smooth gear shifting.
  • Strong body structure hence durable.


  • Rims lose its coating easily because of friction.
  • Higher weight.

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BAVEL Commuter Aluminum Road Bike Shimano 21 Speed 700c

Doubtlessly this one is a complete pack full of all premium features. I’m truly curious how they have managed to offer all these things at such price. So, let’s have an in-depth insight to explore what they have to offer.

What makes this one special is its braking system. But we will talk about it later. Let’s discuss the main body. The whole frame is made of aluminum and the fork also. As a result, the weight has decreased to a great extent. In fact, this one weighs only 27.3 pounds.

Shimano EF-500 gear with Shimano derailleur has been assembled with this bike, and those allow you to shift gear quickly and efficiently. This is most noteworthy that Shimano is a worldwide popular brand for making bike gears and accessories. So, there is no doubt in this issue.

In our list of the best flat road bike, shimano 21 speed 700c is the only one that has the disc brake. Disc brake requires less energy, doesn’t make any impression on rims and saves the spokes and rims from displacement.

For proper cleaning, it often requires to out the wheel and the pro-wheel crank that is why Bavel has brought a change. They made this one is such way that the front and rear wheel can be released easily. This is brilliant.

Finally, this can be said that aluminum road bike commuter bike shimano 21 speed 700c worth its price and ready to fulfill any riders regular desire from a road bike.

Highlighted Features:

  • Shimano EF- 500 21 shifters with Shimano derailleur.
  • Full body aluminum construction.
  • Only 27.3 pounds weight.
  • Disc brake.
  • 51 cm medium size.
  • 700c wheel.


  • Disc brake.
  • Full aluminum body.
  • Smooth and quick gear changes.
  • Lightweight hence easy to ride.
  • Easy release of wheels and crankset.
  • Fully tested before assembled.


  • The tire and tube quality isn’t appreciable.

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Vilano Diverse 2.0 Performance Hybrid Bike 24 Speed Shimano Road Bike 700c

What else you need when you have a combination of design, power, and performance? Vilano Diverse 2.0 Performance Hybrid Bike is blessed with all these three.

Firstly, this one is featured with 24 gears. Tourney TX is the latest bike gear, manufactured by Shimano ensures a quick and smooth change. Again for gear changing, this one uses Shimano DF 51 3/8 shifter.

This one uses v brake for both wheels. The rim is coated with stainless materials instead of paint. As a result, this won’t lose its glossiness or rust because of friction with brake shoe. The tire is of 700c standard size. But they aren’t thin enough, which means you will need more energy for more exposure with the road.

And finally the frame. The frame is made of hydro formed alloy – a method that is adopted for shaping alloy steel that has ductility characteristics. As a result, the body is much more durable than most other bikes.

vilano aluminum road bike commuter bike shimano 24 speed 700c Seat and the flat handle is almost at the same height. Therefore, you have to bend your body a little to drive it. If you don’t have any problem in your backbone, this position will help you to get more velocity with less effort. In my personal opinion, spending money on it won’t be foolish, especially when you need 24 gears.

Highlighted Features:

  • Hydro-formed alloy frame.
  • 700c rim size.
  • Shimano Turner TX gear along with DF 51 3/8 shifter.
  • V style brake.
  • Flat handle.


  • 24 speed.
  • Alloy made frame hence lightweight.
  • No impression of brake shoe on rims.
  • Easy as well as smooth gear shifting.
  • High performance at low budget.
  • Easy assembly.


  • The seat isn’t that much comfortable.
  • The front derailleurs aren’t appreciable.

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Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike

If you don’t want to brake your bank but still want the best flat bar road bike, then Takara Sugiyama Fixie is for you. This one comes with the simplest design that is sufficient for regular riding on the flat road.

Takara has used steel to make the frame of this bike. They have joined all the parts by hand, hence whatever the condition of the road is, this bike will survive.

As Takara cited, for city road derailleurs aren’t that much necessary. So they haven’t used this on this bike, but instead, they have used flip flop hub, and therefore you can ride it in a fixed gear or standard without worrying about the adjustments. They have added standard v brake in this bike. The rims are standard 700c size. They have coated with paint which is very disappointing because you may lose them because of friction with brake.

This one is a little bit heavy therefore requires more energy to ride. But when you aren’t ready with a big budget going for this will be the right decision I guess as it’s ready to fulfill your basic needs from a takara sugiyama flat bar fixie bike.

Highlighted Features

  • Hand assembled the steel made frame.
  • 700c standard rims.
  • Fixed gear.
  • Alloy V style brake.
  • Flip flop hub, therefore fixed speed.


  • Strong frame structure hence durable.
  • Low maintenance effort.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Rims coating lost over a month of use.
  • A Little bit heavy.

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Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1500 700C Flat Bar Road Bicycle

Just after the first look, I’m sure you say, I love this. A perfect design has made this one an adorable one. But not only is the design, thing that has made this one of the best quality flat bar road bike its upgraded features and fantastic performance.

Whenever it comes to evaluating a bike speed is the most important issue. Speed changes rationally with the weight of the frame. This bike has a full aluminum frame which makes it lightweight one. Hopefully, this one is featured with 24 gear, made by Shimano – the leading bike gear and accessories manufacturer. This gear has EF60 shifter, therefore, this one shift gear smoothly and quickly.

Rims are made of alloy. Therefore, there is no chance of rust attack. Also for efficient braking, they have used liner pull brake that smoothly reduces the inertia of the bike.

And finally, one thing that has made the difference, SR Suntour alloy crank, having much more durability and strength compared to all others. I will especially recommend this one for taller people, especially for men as this one has such structure that it will suit only with Schwinn men’s phocus 1500. Check Our 5 Best Hybrid Bikes For Men Under 300 Ultimate Guide.

Highlighted Features

  • Full body aluminum construction.
  • 24 speed.
  • Shimano gear.
  • SR Suntour crank.
  • 700c wheel size.
  • 27-pound weight.


  • Strong body.
  • Lightweight therefore easy to ride.
  • 24 gear.
  • Durable crank.
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Easy assembly.


  • Grips of the handle aren’t comfortable (Note: You can change them easily).

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Why Should You Consider a Flat Bar Road Bike?

  • Speedy : Flat bar road bikes have large wheels as well as narrow tires. Large wheel crosses more distance in each rotation. Again the narrow tire causes less friction with the road, therefore, results in swift from less effort. Moreover, different gears let you have the top speed on the level road and low gear to climb the undulation.
  • Light Weight: They don’t have much more attachments without the necessaries. On the other hand, they are constructed in such way that the weight comes to a minimum. For this reason generally, aluminum or metal alloy are used.
  • Efficient: For light weight as well as little drag, they are considered most efficient verity of bikes. They are rationally more effective than the runner or stunt bikes and a great way to daily exercise.
  • Versatility: This type of bikes has much more demand everywhere. Therefore buying or selling one is easier. On the other hand changing or repairing any part is an overnight task.
  • Comfort: This is most noteworthy that flat bar style is the best for the riding position. As because you need to bend your body a little, raising up the speed is very easy. Also, you can speed it up by riding in standing position.
  • Best for Urban Ride: For daily short distance countryside traveling this one is most suitable. They are the best way to go shopping, work as well as on touring adventure with friends.

For more in-depth information about How To Choose the best Bike, I highly recommend this article –

Final Recommendation:

Most of all, bikes are eco-friendly, and that’s why I love and prefer them most. I hope you will agree with me.

For regular short travel, having a High Quality flat bar bike is necessary. They are also effective for maintaining fitness. All the bikes that I have represented here the Top Quality flat bar road bike under 1000 dollars have proven record of performance as well as durability. While I made this best flat road bike list, I considered all the key points that need to be satisfied to confirm maximum user satisfaction. So, you can choose one from this list according to your need and budget. I assure any of them will fulfill your desire as a rider.

Finally, I hope this review was helpful to find your desired best flat bar road bike.

Happy riding.

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