10 Best Fountain Pen Under 300 dollars Ultimate buying guide in 2020

Writing is always a skill that is perfect for detail if you have a fine scribbler. You are able not only to enjoy the experience every moment but also be thrilled by the finest write-up that will remain clear and neat as anticipated. You definitely want to avoid incurring extra replacement costs on lackluster fountain pens. This is why it is important to ensure choosing your best fountain pen under 300 is a personal thing and fits into your budget constraint.

How about a look at some of the stylish and elegant pen that writes excellently at just less than 300 dollars? They are popular for a long-lasting effect and also exquisite. You don’t have to spend more, thanks to their innovativeness and ease of use.

Our Top Pick Best Fountain Pen Under 300 Dollars Reviews

The following fountain pens top the list under 300 dollars. They are amazing pens that provide very smooth writing. Read more to find their features and other best-selling aspects.

Parker Premier Deep Black Lacquer with Gold-plated Trim

Are you looking for the best fountain pen that will impress you when writing, the Parker Premier is a great choice? This fountain pen is a household brand, thanks to its capability to offer exclusive fine writing experience for those keen on their writing.

Consequently, you can never go wrong in using this pen comfortably since it is accurately hand-crafted for the ultimate tubular shape and a monochrome design. This makes this pen strike a balance between prestige and class perfectly.

Its solid gold nib has been covered with ruthenium through hand-polish. This makes its finish one that is hard to resist at the first sight.

Apart from that, it also has successive coats of deep black glossy lacquer for a rich and emphasized brilliance.

Additionally, enjoy this parker premier collection that boasts high-precision lines while writing as you experience a unique continuous flow of ink. It is a pen that doesn’t strain to bind elegance and precision.

There is no doubt if you are keen in showcasing your writing prowess you will find it effortless with this pen, thanks to its solid-gold nib that is able to interact while smoothly flowing ink for a flawless mark at every stroke of your hand.

Lastly, its crafted metal ball transfers ink from its spacious reservoir to a crisp sheet of paper with for every single stoke and subtle movement of your hand. Amazingly, it carries a guarantee too.


  • Has gold or silver trim for a sleek body
  • Easy to refill
  • Comes with a solid-gold nib
  • Long lasting body construction


  • Not great broad nib that can masquerade as a medium type too.

Parker Sonnet Pink Gold

A pen that brings you sophistication and some elegance is worth the cost. This is what the Parker Pink Gold Fountain Pen delivers at just 300 bucks. This is a good fountain pen that is hand-crafted for your perfected writing art. Expect a smooth and beautiful lettering in every stroke of your hand.

Furthermore, the nib has been crafted to remain durable at the same time accommodate varying angles of pressure for a continuous flow of ink.

Whether you are going for a brushed stainless-steel or a geometrically faceted pattern of this pen, you expect to have 11 available finishes for that timeless elegance a writer will adore.

For flawless writing, count on this remarkable fountain pen that prides with an incredible workmanship especially on its gold-plated stainless steel nib.

This makes it possible for the hand-polished and manually assembled design to last you for long. The pen is the ultimate choice for high-precision lines.

Additionally, find the reservoir a great craft for a continuous flow of ink for smooth writing that will leave the write-up an excellent look.


  • Has 11 body finishes and 2 trim accents available
  • Comes in emblematic models
  • Elegantly coated with warm pink gold particles for light capturing and a gleaming finish
  • Has a fine rollerball and ballpoint that embraces the smooth flow of ink
  • Designed for smooth strokes


  • Light in weight for those in need of heavier designs

Waterman Carene Essential Black and Gold, Fountain Pen

Are you a professional writer keen on every detail? Are you looking for the best cheap fountain pen? Thanks to the Waterman Carene Essential Black and Gold, Fountain Pen, you stand to enjoy a smart sophistication for the finest writing that will leave your work looking excellent.

Additionally, this fountain pen ensures you enjoy one of the engineering marvels using its outstanding integrated rhodium-plated 18-Carat solid gold nib that is able to evoke that remarkable plunging bow while you are going about your writing.

Apart from that, for flawless balanced lines and meticulous craftsmanship of a fountain pen barrel, you can count on this pen’s finely chiseled and rippled sunlight gold curves for a body construction that stands the test of time.

Do you want a fountain pen that stands out in the display? How about this pen that has a deep black lacquer and gold-plated for the touch of elegance? You will have it with a 3-year international warranty too.

Take your inspiration with a fountain pen that has high-precision for pleasurable writing. At just its affordable price-cut, it is a fountain pen dedicated to the perfect and fine writing experience.


  • Presented in an elegant luxury gift box
  • Comes with 18k solid gold, rhodium-plated nib
  • Has 8 stunning colors to choose from
  • Precise ballpoint for flawless writing
  • Embraces smooth ink flow
  • Has an excellently refined nib
  • Delivers bold lines and fluid curves


  • Only packaged with blue cartridges

PELIKAN Souveran Gt Broad Point Fountain Pen

Not until I used this fountain pen that I realized its design it specifically dedicated to ensuring writing is as enjoyable and fashionable as anyone would find it hard to resist. The Pelikan Souveran Gt Broad Point Fountain Pen comes in a high quality metal body construction.

Pelikan is one of the best fountain pen brands that produce award-winning pens on the market today. Amazingly, this one weighs only 12 pounds to ensure you long time use remains effortless for extra comfort as you enjoy every detail of your writing.

Apart from that, nothing strikes a keen writer like a pen that is easy to handle and tailor within the fingers while scribbling. The handling has been designed for a smooth but also rough grip for stability while writing.

Besides that, let some of your best creative ideas flow from your mind to the hands, as your fingers use this remarkable pen to leave neatly every detail on paper.

This is why this fountain pen is undoubtedly one that will inspire you to leave a legacy that touches those within and beyond the reading world. Additionally, it comes inexpensively while delivering more just for its price. It lays down a thick line leaving butter-on-glass smoothness thanks to its carefully crafted baby bottoming tip.


  • Has a beautiful finish
  • Affordable
  • Smartly designed tip for great writing
  • Crafted for comfortable grip


  • Doesn’t come with a great protection for pocket handling

Pelikan M400 Fountain Pen

If you are looking for a quality fountain pen, Pelikan can never let you down. Boasting as one of the accurately designed user-friendly fountain pens, the Pelikan M400 Fountain Pen will grasp your attention on the first sighting.  It is simply stylishly crafted for an elegant finish.

Apart from that, to enable you last with it for a long time, the designing has intelligently taken into account the need for using high-quality materials in its body construction.

Don’t you like a pen that is easy to handle but also comfortable to grip for a long time? This is what this fountain pen delivers to your passion for writing. It just feels weightless while at hand. Additionally, it is complemented by one of the finest grips for stability, especially when writing fast.

To ensure it remains outstanding and uniquely fashionable. The craft provides a gold-plated clip and ornaments for this pen.

Are you keen on monitoring your fountain pen ink level while using it? How about this incredible piece that is a classic plunger mechanism, designed with a transparent ink tank? It is worth more than its price cut.


  • Comes with a fine point
  • Has a stylish green acrylic resin finish barrel
  • Comes with a Gold-plated black cap
  • Embraces a beautiful black and green color touch
  • Has transparent ink tank
  • Comes with gold-platted fittings


  • I find its line too wide for those in need of a fine nib

Pelikan Souveran 400 Red/Black GT Fine Point Fountain Pen

The Pelikan Souveran 400 Red/Black GT Fine Point Fountain Pen compliments your writing with that unique feel, thanks to its splendid fine point.

Are you an ardent writer that takes every write-up seriously and want a cheap fountain pen that doesn’t compromise quality writing? This fountain pen will ensure you not only enjoy every step of your scribbling but also find it virtually weightless in your hand.

Furthermore, for just 300 bucks, this pen comes with one meticulously crafted design using some of the top quality materials.

To stay above board from the conventional fountain pens, it has a striped celluloid overlay and a beak-shaped clip for easy handling.

Count one sure strokes and clear lines this pen provides you as you go ahead to put your thoughts into writing for a long lasting effect.

Additionally, the fountain pen has been hand-crafted for the finest engraving using 14 carat gold nib. This is available in medium or broad nib sizes too.

To check the level of your ink for a timely refill, it has a Pelikan classic plunger filling mechanism complimented with a translucent barrel that is clear for real-time indication.


  • Has translucent barrel for ink level check
  • Portable for long time use
  • Has a quality 14-carat gold nib
  • Has fine medium or broad nib sizes
  • Comes with Red acrylic resin finish barrel
  • Designed with a black cap diamond ground surface and gold-plated trims


  • Doesn’t come with a protective case for pocket handling

Pilot Metal Falcon Collection Fountain Pen

When it comes to this pen, you will be thrilled by the fact that the workmanship ensured to deliver it as a perfect choice of a fountain pen that is impeccable, thanks to its magnificent design.

Take your art of writing to a higher level with the Pilot Metal Falcon Collection Fountain Pen, courtesy of its fine quality and a flexible nib that delivers smooth scribbling.

This is a quality fountain pen that is bold to task while ensuring every stroke counts as you have a distinctive pleasurable feel. Find it comfortable to use too.

Furthermore, expect to have this pen in a nice package, ready for presentation for any special occasion. You stand a chance to have this fountain pen in a soft, fine, soft medium or soft broad nib as you try to fit it into your personal taste and style.


  • Comes with a fine quality flexible nib
  • Nicely packaged
  • The medium soft nib is 14 karat gold Rhodium-plated
  • Boasts an Innovative nib design
  • Single color barrel with rhodium accents
  • Perfect for gifting


  • I don’t find the ink flow as smooth

Waterman Carene Glossy Red Fountain Pen

There are many cheap fountain pens out there and the Waterman Carene beats many models when it comes to smooth writing. In this age writing is becoming a lost art; this fountain pen ignites the passion that will end up irresistible for your perfect writing.

Apart from that, find this pen a sophisticated but simple style that is refined for a classy touch, thanks to its luminous satin finish of Carene. It is sleek bringing you a luxury bled that exhibits a sporty feature.

Throw yourself into the right experience with the Waterman Carene Glossy Red Fountain Pen, courtesy of its 1.1 oz. the weight that makes your writing flexible enough but at the same time remain stable also Best Fountain Pen Under 300 dollars budget.

Measuring 5.11 inches in length and 0.52 inches in diameter, this pen comes with a waterman gift box and an ink converter for use with the bottled ink. Remarkably, it carries a warranty.


  • Smooth and comfortable in writing
  • Embraces smooth ink flow
  • Comes in all your right colors
  • Effortless to grip


  • Warranty only limited to 3 years

Aurora Ipsilon Deluxe Blue Fountain Pen

Do you love smooth writing? Then you need to get the best fountain pen like the Aurora Ipsilon Deluxe Blue Fountain Pen that provides not only just that but also a 14 kt gold nib to ensure you scribbling is as fine as you would want it.

Its slimmer cap protects it well when packaged to last you long. The clip has been strengthened to provide you the elegance of the touch, thanks to its remarkable blue or black lacquer inlay.

Furthermore, you will have this pen for added features inexpensively including a precise pushing mechanism for quick smooth writing.

The ballpoint of this fountain stands out than the conventional models while its rollerball comes equally with a capping system for easy snapping while in action to avoid the pen cap at the same time falling off.


  • Comes with a smartly closed system Snap-On
  • Embraces an elegant finish
  • Has smooth writing
  • Provides smooth ink flow


  • Doesn’t come with a casing for protection

Pelikan M400 Fountain Pen

Weighing just 8 ounces, you stand to enjoy one of the almost weightless fountain pens while embracing longevity for your smooth writing.

Put the ideas in your mind into paper by relying on this pen’s differentiated piston mechanism, thanks to its intelligent craftsmanship. This ensures you can have it set for your writing at the shortest nick of time through a quick ink refill.

Since 1929, the Pelikan has continued to boast in providing writing solutions, credit to its user-friendly design.

The fountain pen has continued to top the Pelikan brand for generations. This is why its design comes with a high-quality resin for that long-term use every time a writer engages it.

Expect to have it with 24k gold rings and a hard medium designed nib size that ensures every move of your hand leaves one of the most detailed scribblings that stands the test of time.


  • Has a differentiated piston-filling mechanism
  • Embraces a design of 24k gold rings for an elegant finish
  • Made of high-quality resin
  • Comes with quality nib for smooth writing


  • For those keen on ink filler, this is a tube refill


How to choose the quality Fountain Pen under 300?

 A fountain pen that is worth the 300 bucks needs to have the features you need while ensuring you enjoy comfortable writing void of any inconveniences.

Take a keen look at these tips for getting yourself authentic designs that will stand the test of time. Every detail should count.

  • Cost:

Check your budget for this 300 bucks fountain pen to ensure you fit in while getting the most for all your applications.  Most of these fountain priced pens come with a gold-nib but are able to deliver impressively.

  •  Size:

Check the right size of the fountain pen you are going for and the style of design that matches your tastes and preferences. The size should be commensurate with the ink holding capacity and resultantly compliment the ink flow.

This also implies you need to check how long the ink tank to the pen size perfectly sizes to hold more ink for long-term use.

The size of the pen should be related to the size of your hand. Check the size you go for to guarantee you comfortable and stable gripping especially for your first writing.

  • Cap:

Do you like putting the cap on one side when doing your writing? Then you might go with the weight that comes with some of the fountain pens out there. Check again your style for an appropriate choice.

If you want a fountain pen that has a cap well-sized for clipping into your pocket, make sure that the clipping is as firm as you would want it to be.

  • Gripping:

Avoid instances of going for an elegantly designed finish that looks great but too slippery and uncomfortable to hold in your hand. The shape and design should complement the gripping craft for quick and accurate writing.

  • Ink capacity:

Do you do a lot of writing? Then check whether you have big hitters in the capacity stake of your ink tank and suitable plunger fillers.

This also implies you need to ensure that your pen ink holding capacity is twice bigger in volume than the conventional models. Pay attention as to whether you need convertible filler or the cartridge type.

  • Nib:

I believe your beautiful write-up is as good as the quality of your fountain pen nib. Check your nib to ensure it is curvaceous if you prefer fine flowing of ink while writing.

If the nib is flexible that will be great. For those who have a heavy hand, rigid nibs can complement the hand movement of your hand. This should be able to assist your hand when applying pressure for a flawless write-up.

For those with a lighter touch, a more conventional type of nib is just as fine too. Pay attention to the nib point for smooth scribbling.

Additionally, for those in need of fine fountain pen nibs, check the models with the needle point types since they are impressive performances too. Oblique nibs are perfect for those writers with the regular tendency of tilting their pen at an angle while cutting away to the left (especially for the left-handed)

Final Recommendation:

Your writing is as great as the fountain pen that you engage. It is important you also be keen on the ease of refilling your fountain to avoid spill-overs and instances of dirtying your work.

Your best Fountain Pen under 300 should match the outlook finish of your taste and be of long-lasting body construction. When writing very fast, you need a fountain pen that is not only good to grip but also comfortable in handling for long hours.

Smooth ink flow will complement the quality of writing if your fountain pen comes with a smartly designed nib. There are types of nibs, so, check what will suit your type of hand and writing style too.

Lastly, avoid elegantly crafted fountain pens that are very attractive to the eye but don’t deliver to expectations. Consider asking for an opportunity to test your pen before purchase if available. You can equally seek advice from past users of the model for an informed choice.

You can never go wrong with any of these top-class household brands. They are dedicated to your art of writing and a fine detail that will nourish the readers effortlessly in a timeless period.

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