Best Fountain Pens Under 50 dollars Reviews 2020

Fountain pens are viewed as a thing of the past. Well, it’s true they were used before the ballpoint pens became popular. But the best fountain pens are back and better than ever.

One reason you should consider buying a fountain pen over ball pens is that they are long-lasting so they can serve you for a very long time. Besides, who does not like how beautiful their handwriting becomes when they use a fountain pen? Fountain pens do signify some kind of class and sophistication compared to ballpoint pens.

Most people do not like fountain pens because of the ink leaks and their expensive price. Many the quality fountain pens happen to be expensive. It goes with no doubt, that quality is priceless. I will review the best fountain pens under 50, after comparing the different pens; it will be very easy for you to pick the one that best matched with your writing needs.

Our Top Pick Best Fountain Pens Under 50 dollars

The following are some of the best-selling fountain pens on the market today that come at an affordable price. Check out their reviews.

Fountain pen, the Executive Edition with medium nib

Is your fountain pen experiencing inconsistent ink flow?  Tired of ink leaks and skipping? Are you searching for a good fountain pen that provides smooth writing? Look no further, Fountain pen the Executive Edition with medium nib haves you sorted out. This fountain pen is one of the finest pens ever. Despite being a master piece, you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to acquire it because it costs less than 50 bucks.

The fountain pen comes in two colors, black and stainless steel. Black is class. Stainless steel is sophisticated. Besides, the surface is polished making the pen’s appearance and finishing even better.

This fountain pen comes with written instructions to guide you on how to use it, clean it, and how to install the ink cartridge. With the instructions, you are sure on how to use your fountain pen after you acquire it. No experimenting and gambling with your pen.


  • It has a smooth ink flow with no ink leaks.
  • Its writing is smooth with no skipping and no scratching of the paper.
  • Easy to install ink cartridge.
  • Pen fits right in the hand, no uncomfortable grips, and the pen’s weight is just right (not too heavy or too light)
  • Easy to understand instructions accompany the fountain to help you maintain, clean, store and use it more effectively.
  • It comes with its own cartridge and converter.
  • Nice finishing that makes the pen’s appearance to be beautiful.


  • Cannot work efficiently with cartridges of other fountain pens.

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen (18F)

If you want to acquire a pen from the best fountain pen brands, Lamy Safari Fountain Pen an amazing fountain pen you should consider trying out. Its body is made up of a plastic while the nib is made up of stainless steel. The clip is coated with chrome. Despite being an amazing fountain pen, you do not have to break your bank account to acquire this pen.

The ink cartridge and the nib are easy to fix and their quality is high. If writing with your fountain pen causes pain on your fingers while and after writing, you should try out this Germany made fountain pen. No pain because ink flow is very consistent and uniform and therefore you do not have to press hard as you write.


  • Its writing is consistent and smooth
  • You got a variety of colors like yellow, black and pink to choose from.
  • The ink flow from the ink reservoir is consistent and steady therefore you do not have to press hard for it to write.
  • It’s light-weight that feels good in the hands.


  • It does not write well on low and cheap quality paper.
  • There are no instructions that accompany the pen, you might, therefore, find a difficult time trying to install and clean it and use it for the first time.
  • It uses up ink in its ink reservoir quickly. You are definitely in for a disappointment if you do not carry your ink along.

Pilot Lucina fine nib fountain pen

Are you a lover of the best fountain pen which is lightweight and have an average size? Pilot Lucina fine nib fountain pen is will satisfy your need. It’s another beautiful fountain pen that comes at a very affordable price.

Heavy pens can be uncomfortable to hold and they do not feel good in the hands. Despite being plastic, the finishing is smooth and the appearance nice.

The fountain pen is designed with a fine nib to give you very smooth writing. It is designed to fit in the hands well even when the cap is on. You can also get the same design available for the mechanical pencil.


  • Its ink flow is steady and consistent.
  • It writes smoothly with no skips and scratches.
  • Polished look making its appearance beautiful.
  • Fits in the hands well.


  • Does not come with a converter, you, therefore, have to sample a few converters and choose which works best with this pen.

Regal Pearl white fountain pen

This is another best cheap fountain pen you should try out. For the lovers of those weighty pens, Regal Pearl White Fountain Pen suites you. A heavy trait in a pen might serve as an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the test of the writer.

Lovers of heavy pens say that they have to feel the weight so that they can write comfortably. They also argue that using a heavy pen is tiresome and leads to painful fingers. It all depends on you! Besides, its fine appearance makes people think it costs much more money than its actual price.


  • Writes smoothly with no skipping and jumping.
  • It comes with its own converter.
  • Has consistent ink flow even after days of not using it.
  • It has a beautiful and polished finishing.


  • The pen drains the ink too fast.
  • At first, installation of the ink tube is a bit tricky

Lanxivi Jinhao deep sea bright pearl shell Fountain pen

Are you a lover of nature? Lanxivi Jinhao deep sea bright pearl fountain pen is the best fountain pen for you. The body of this amazing fountain pen is embedded with natural sea shells. It has a creative and beautiful finishing that makes it very attractive.

Searching for a fountain pen that can perfectly do your calligraphy work? Looking for a pen that does not disappoint in sketching and artwork? Look no further! This is the right pen for you!  The pen is designed with a barred mosaicked sea shell. This brings natural beauty and uniqueness and gives you very smooth handwriting of up to 0.5mm.

You get the pen with a nice pouch that you can keep it when it is not in use. It also comes with a removable converter.


  • It writes smoothly and uniformly with no skips.
  • No ink leaks.
  • It has a very beautiful finishing, this makes it look more expensive than it actually is.
  • It comes with its cartridge whose installation is easy.
  • Works well with almost all paper types, the low and cheap quality papers included.
  • It is a good pen for artists’ work like sketching and calligraphy work


  • It does not come with its ink you, therefore, have to try out different inks before you settle for the best.
  • The sea shell decorations are embedded in different designs, with this it is quite disappointing to some customers to receive a pen different from the image posted online.

Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

This is also a pen you should consider trying out if you are sampling out fountain pens. The fountain pen is amazing in signing your documents. Has a medium nib that delivers exactly what you want.

It comes with one black ink cartridge, pilot press plate converter, and gel rollers. The body is of the pen is made of brass metal. The finishing is matte which makes the appearance beautiful.

The pen works best with Iro-Shizuku bottled fountain pen ink. This fountain pen comes in an elegant gift box, consider gifting this Best Fountain Pens Under 50 dollars to your loved ones, your friends who love fountain pens or even your colleagues.


  • Smooth, effortless writing with no skipping.
  • Solid feel with medium weight.
  • It comes with a converter and bottled ink.
  • Has a beautiful finishing and appearance.
  • It performs efficiently on cheap paper.
  • It works efficiently in harshest conditions like field works where fierce sunshine or rain can be experienced.
  • Ink flow is consistent, uniform writing with no skipping.
  • Looks like a more expensive pen than it actually is.
  • It comes with a cartridge and a converter.
  • It comes in a decent and elegant gift box.
  • The smooth nib that easily moves across the paper.


  • The ink reservoir is opaque, you, therefore, cannot tell when the ink is running out. Ink might run out at the most unexpected times
  • The ink dries up quite quickly whenever the lid is off.

Pilot Varsity Disposable fountain pen

For those who prefer quality fountain pens that are disposable, the Pilot Versity is designed for you. This fashionable fountain pen with a modern design is very easy to use. It is designed with a unique nib that provides you with very smooth writing.

Transparent ink reservoir enables you to see the ink flow so it is easy to tell how much ink is let. The pen also has a good and advanced ink system that also contributes to smooth writing.

Other useful features of this fountain pen include a genuine stainless steel nib, completely disposable and a retro-styled barrel that provides visible ink supply.


  • Visible ink supply enables the writer to see the ink flow. This helps the writer know when the ink is almost exhausted. With this, you’ll bid the disappointment of being caught unaware with no ink goodbye.
  • You are ensured of a smooth and skip-free writing.
  • It comes in different colors, so you got a variety to choose from.
  • It has a beautiful finishing which does not fade.
  • The ink remains wet in the pen even after months of no use, as long as it is stored properly.
  • It comes with inks of different colors. With this, you got a variety of color to choose from, ranging from the bright colors to dull colors.
  • If you hate the ink-refilling process, this is the pen for you, a disposable fountain pen.


  • It does not work well with cheap and low-quality papers. Using them on cheap paper makes the ink show on the other side of the paper.
  • They are disposable, they, therefore, cannot last for ages like other fountain pens.
  • It writes smoothly and feels very comfortable in the hand.
  • The nibs are fitted tightly together, with this, calligraphy style of writing is a little difficult.

Jinhao Brand New Golden Dragon Red Crystal Eyes Fountain Pen

Golden is royal!  Jinhao brand New Golden Dragon Red Crystal Eyes Fountain pen, gold in color weighs around 48 grams despite being metallic. If you are thinking of a perfect gift to give a friend or a lover, this high-quality fountain pen can be the best selection.

This is a pen that is designed from the inspiration of the China culture and adopts artistic elements and design. It has a unique craftsmanship, and its design is exceptional.

This pen is designed with a medium nib for smooth writing but it doesn’t come with the ink.


  • A beautiful and smooth finishing.
  • No pain while and after writing because the grip is made of rubber.
  • High-quality pen with excellent make.
  • It can use bottled ink.


  • It does not come with ink. You have to undergo the stress of sampling various inks to find which ink works best with the pen.
  • It produces different and varied amounts of ink and scratches the paper.
  • No instruction accompanies the pen. You should employ trial and error until you get how to work with it.

Pilot Prera Iro-Ai Calligraphy-Nib Transparent Black Body

For the lovers of small and cheap fountain pens that stand out, this is the pen for you. This pen is black with a relatively small body. Besides, if your handwriting is pathetic and you just embarked on your journey of improving it, look no further.

When it comes to quality, expect the best from this pen. It has been on the market for so many years so it is well known for its quality build. The best thing about the pen is its look and the transparent color that helps you monitor the ink level.

As compared to other fountain pens, this one is lighter and smaller and this makes it highly portable. You can carry it wherever you go without feeling its weight.


  • This pen comes with ink which is deep and amazingly rich. People with eye –sight problem, this is the pen for you. You do not have to strain to look at what you wrote
  • It has a consistent and steady ink flow with no leaks. You do not have to worry about putting it in your breast pocket.
  • It writes very smoothly even on the cheapest and lowest quality of papers.
  • It has a beautiful and smooth finishing.
  • This pen has your calligraphy and other artwork projects sorted out.
  • It has that ‘magic’ of making poor handwritings look better than they are.


  • It does not work well with normal writing best at calligraphy.

Parker Urban Premium Ebony metal chiseled, fountain pen

Left- handed? Worry not, Parker Urban Premium Ebony Metal chiseled fountain pen is designed to provide an optimal angle during writing effectively for both the left- handed and the right-handed people. Admiring the nice and sophisticated signatures? This is the best fountain pen for you. It is ebony black in color.

The nib of the pen is designed with stainless steel making it long lasting and also provides superior resistance. The pen has a nice Ebony black color featuring metallic highlights and a gloss varnish that give it the best look.


  • Stainless steel nib for durability.
  • Consistent and steady ink flow from the ink reservoir to the writing tip.
  • Variety of designs and finishes to choose from.
  • Comes with a single ink cartridge.
  • It is medium weight and therefore suitable for most users.
  • Great and nice appearance.
  • No or minimal ink leaks in case of poor storage


  • The fountain pen is not parked with a converter.
  • The nib is smaller than what most people are comfortable with.
  • The beautiful finishing erodes with time.

How To Choose The Best Fountain Pen?

The purpose of a pen is to write. So, a fountain pen should be considered to be good because of its ability to write well and smoothly. However, they are a few factors that you should put in consideration before settling on a fountain pen to purchase.

I know you do not want to experience a hard time with a fountain pen that does not work well for you. That’s why you should take your time and carefully sample fountain pens putting emphasis on the factors I have discussed below.

  • The Make Of The Nib:

This is the metallic, writing tip of a fountain pen. This is the most important factor to consider while intended to use the fountain pen for. Be it calligraphy, sketching, putting those beautiful signatures or just writing, the efficiency of your pen will depend on how you chose your nib.

The first nib I will review is the round nib. For normal writing, scribbling and note taking, the round nib works best. This is because it writes uniformly despite the direction of the orientation. Writings appear uniform for both left –handed and right- handed individuals.

The second kind of nib is the flat nib. It is also referred to as italic or calligraphy nib. This is the best nib for artistic works. For calligraphy, sketching, decorative writing like on cards and signatures, the flat nib is the best nib for you. This is because the strokes’ thickness depends on the angle and orientation taken while writing. To become proficient in using this nib, you need to take frequent practice.

  • Material Used To Make The Body:

The bodies of fountain pens are made using different materials which include plastic, metal, wood, acrylic and even sea shells. Some materials feel natural and smooth in the writer’s hands while others might make the writing to be a little unfulfilling. It depends on the personality test. The material to determines the weight of the pen. Metallic pens tend to be heavier than other materials. So if you are for heavy pens, metallic pens are the right pens for you.

  • Broadness, Size, And Weight Of The Pen:

This is another very important aspect to put keen emphasis while choosing your fountain pen.  There are huge weightless pens, huge weighty pens, small, weighty and small weightless pens. The choice entirely depends on you. Some people argue that a pen should be weighty so that you can ‘feel’ it while writing. Others, like me, argue that the less weighty the pen, the better. I cannot stand the pain and heaviness my fingers experience whenever I use a heavy pen. Besides, I do not like my pen to stick out like a sore thumb, that’s why I would rather go for small pens. However, if you love the sophistication that comes with the bid pens, go ahead, get one for yourself.

  • Ink And Cartridge:

The aspect of the ink filling system is a very important factor to consider while choosing a good fountain pen. Tired of refilling ink in your fountain pen every now and then? Go for the fountain pens that would hold a larger volume of ink. Eye- dropper pens hold a larger capacity of ink; you might want to try it out. Interested in juggling with different ink colors? Choose a pen that can use a variety of ink colors.

Most fountain pens use cartridges. Some fountain pens come with their own cartridge and cannot use any other cartridges while others can use different cartridges as long as you find the one that is compatible with the pen.

Final Recommendation:

Choosing the best fountain pen that satisfies you and your needs right might seem like an uphill task. However, it is totally worth it to sample the above-reviewed best fountain pens under 50 dollars and choose what suits you best. You may be stuck in a dilemma between two fountain pens, but sampling them both will definitely leave you with one option.  Ideally, a good fountain pen might cost you an arm and a leg. This is why you should try out these amazing fountain pens that cost $50 or less. So go ahead, sample the fountain pens out and find the best!

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