Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 1000 On The Market in 2020

Bike ride has always been one of the coolest sports to play with. To add more spice, the fun gets doubled up when it is played on mountainous terrain. I mean, who doesn’t like to take the flavor of mountain ride? And for the bikers, it would be the most fun adventure thing that they would count at first. It has also proven to be an ideal mate for your regular use as well.

It is something that you are really up for taking a ride and in a full suspension mountain bike, but you get stuck somewhere for its prices. This kind of mountain bikes is known for being very handsome for its warm comfort and intense control apart from its full suspension system. It is just for the price that you happen to start taking a step back for.Yet, your girl kids can have a faster ride even over rough terrain but with a lot of care for their front and rear suspension.

So how about I tell you that I have got some really amazing mountain bikes for you in the most reasonable deal that you can grab one just after exploring the write? Excited enough eh? I know! So here I will be presenting the 10 best full suspension mountain bike under 1000 dollars so that you can fuel yourself much up to take the one for you before you go for bike shopping.

Our Top Pick Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike under 1000 Dollars Reviews

Mongoose Girl’s Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle

Gear up girls because the Mongoose Girls’ Maxim mountain bike could be Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 1000waiting for you. We love this full suspension under 1000 dollars design, the reason we have enlisted it first is for its various green points. One of them is of course for its full suspension, that is, it has both rear and front suspension system in its mountain bike.

Other than that, it is built in such a way that your kids will be going to love riding on it. It is also very easy to operate and fun to explore.

As it is basically for kids, we have picked up the best one keeping that in the mind. And I can say that for sure if you get one for your kid, she will be going to have the best mountain bike ride.

So boost up your little girls and get this full suspension mountain bike from Mongoose for them. But before that, I have included all the details over here so that you can know about its features and then decide yourself to take the one.


  • This mountain bike has the full suspension system.
  • Aluminum frame.
  • 24-inch bicycle frame size.
  • 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur.
  • Linear pull brake made of Alloy.


  • Great comfort and control for Aluminum suspension.
  • The control increases for the front suspension fork.
  • Smooth bumps so that you can have a fun and easy ride.
  • Change the gears with SRAM twist shifters.
  • Light weight and Durable.
  • Great stability, great grip and easy handling.
  • Can be explored on a variety of terrain.


  • Gear shifting might not be smooth.
  • Assembly can take the time.
  • Kickstand at the rear could be a bit of tricky to operate.
  • Could be heavy for younger girls


Diamondback Bicycles Recoil 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike

full suspension bikes under 1000

This best full suspension mountain bike from Diamondback comes in 3 sizes: 16 inches, 18 inches and 20 inches. However, I will be talking about the large one which is black in color. And no I wasn’t being racist. So enjoy the most adventurous ride with this bike as it is highly functional.

The basic turn on thing about this mountain bike is that you can ride it over rough terrain easily and comfortably as it has full front and rear suspension system.

Furthermore, its simple look with its simple functions can be another thing which can attract you more. So if you love to ride around bumpy roads, I have to say, this is the thing for you.

Other than that, this full suspension mountain bike under $1000 dollars has the ability to even impress you. So now the question might arise in your mind that why would you want to buy the bike? As I have included all the details of its pro and the cons you can decide yourself why to take one! So what this mountain bike has besides its full suspension system?


  • The mountain bike has 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy full suspension frame.
  • 4-inch travel and 29-inch wheel.
  • Single pivot and sealed cartridge bearings.
  • Shimano 3×8 speed drivetrain and Shimano Acera 8-speed rear derailleur.
  • SR Suntour cranks for shifting.
  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes.
  • The bike comes in a bigger box.


  • High marks for the strong full suspension system.
  • Best performer for its smooth and durable.
  • Reliable shifting and adjustable seat ride.
  • Assembly takes less time.
  • Easy to ride and light weight.
  • Superb disc brakes for its stopping power.
  • Awesome maneuverability.And that’s the most noteworthy thing.


  • Tricky instructions for assembly. So it could be a bit of difficult to understand.
  • Raucous mechanical brakes. Because they make noise.
  • Components aren’t highly graded.


Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

best 1000 full suspension mountain bikeGet the full suspension mountain bike from Schwinn in very attractive red color. Because this bike could be one of the ideal mates in your mounting adventures. It does not only add up the fun element to your ride but also increases the excitement for its best maneuverability.

So guys, fuel your charge up to buy this coolest bike to make your mounting adventure and interesting one. Because this bike is superbly perfect for all the men out there who are the lovers of the mountain bike with the full suspension system.

It is built with the splendidly sturdy rust-resistance frame which allows smooth rides, breathtaking control and tremendous power. The mountain bike has 24 speeds which you can definitely take advantage of while going for a race. The bike in one word could be a must pick to explore.Besides, I have also added the other basic details of the mountain bike, because I know you what you would be looking for right now!

Features :

  • Aluminum full suspension frame.
  • SR Suntour front fork.
  • 24 speed Shimano trigger shifters.
  • Front disc brake and rear V-brake
  • 26-inch wheel and alloy crank provide optimal gearing.
  • Rims come with double walled alloy


  • Undoubtedly the best for shifting.
  • Fabulous durability and stability.
  • Attractive design, you might get a crush on it.
  • Will listen to you, because it has a wonderful control power.
  • Assembly won’t be taking much of your time.
  • Light weight and responsive brakes.
  • Ideal for heavy riders also.
  • And yes adjustable. Guys, you have to check them out.


  • The seat could be hard for you.
  • Needs some fine tuning.
  • Tricky instruction might take the time.


Kent Thruster KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

full suspension under 1000Kent is one of the most popular bike brands and getting you a mountain bike from them won’t be a bad idea for you. This is ideal for the bikers who look for the branded bike yet at a reasonable price! So, guys, this could be the one you might prefer and I am quite sure you would also love to grab this.

Now let’s talk about what it has got? First of all, this mountain bike has a full suspension system and it is proven to be an ideal road machine.

Furthermore, its great disc brake and traditional pull brake make the bike quite safe for you.To add another one, the blue wall knobby tires could be another trait which makes the bike look more attractive.

And talking about the tires, Kent uses the most qualified wheels for mountain bike and don’t you think it is a plus point for you? Doesn’t it sound perfect? So guys, you better check them out, because you are going to love the ride after taking one for yourself. All you need is to check the details and grab the one you desire To Buy The Full Suspension Mountain Bike under 1000 Dollars.

To add another one, the blue wall knobby tires could be another trait which makes the bike look more attractive. And talking about the tires, Kent uses the most qualified wheels for mountain bike and don’t you think it is a plus point for you? Doesn’t it sound perfect? So guys, you better check them out, because you are going to love the ride after taking one for yourself. All you need is to check the details and grab the one you desire.


  • Aluminum front and rear suspension frame.
  • 21 speed Shimano shifters and Rear Tourney Derailleur.
  • A combination of the disc brake and V-brake.
  • Suspension fork 65mm travel.
  • It has 26-inch wheels and alloy wheel rims.


  • Trendy design and attractive color.
  • Easy changing gear and high marks for that.
  • As it is built with Aluminum, so it is very lightweight and sturdy.
  • Easy to operate and superb in speed.
  • Brakes take almost all the care for your safety, so no worries about the risk.
  • Best for Greenhorn mountain bikers, hence they can grab one also.


  • No disc brakes for the rear wheel, probably the biggest disappointment.
  • Kickstand is absent, another downside.
  • No holder to understand your craving for a drink.
  • Not assembled, hence you have to work on assembling it.
  • Not ideal for taller guys.
  • Disappointments for the hole in tire-tubes.


Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle

best full suspension mountain bikeWhy not take a mountain bike which is not only best for its function but is reasonable as well? To count one of the best bikes, you can get one from Mongoose also, don’t you think? This mountain bike can be called an all-rounder because it has the ability to ride on any kind of terrain and roads- count for bumpy and paved one.

Furthermore, it is one of the coolest bikes although for its price range and for its style in addition. To talk more about its look, this bike is way handsome and it is stuffed with lots of attracting features which can make you fall in love with it. Starting with full suspension frame, the bike weighs very light for that.

Moreover, the frame has adaptable rear shock suspension and that deserves a good mark. Besides, it has a 29-inch wheel which is large and quick. So for this, it has been very popular among many users and mountain bikers. Quite cool isn’t it? So now let’s get into its detail to know about its more features.

Besides, it has a 29-inch wheel which is large and quick. So for this, it has been very popular among many users and mountain bikers. Quite cool isn’t it? So now let’s get into its detail to know about its more features.


  • Aluminum front and rear suspension frame.
  • Element suspension fork.
  • Has 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur.
  • 29-inch Alloy wheels.
  • Front and back disc brakes made of Alloy.


  • Assemble it with ease and convenience.
  • Weighs light because of Alloy and Aluminum.
  • Comfy seat and Sturdy, hence you can sit soothingly.
  • Shimano shifting components are excellent.
  • Suspension fork fuels up the controls and frame boost up the performance.
  • Can change the gear easily and yes you won’t face any hassle.


  • Disappointments in the brake levelers.
  • Needs tuning.
  • Packaging isn’t great and the frame is short.
  • Not ideal for taller people and this could be a disappointment for them.


GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

top full suspension mountain bikes under 1000The full suspension mountain bike from GMC Topkick is a 21-speed bike which is meant to make your ride way comfy and safe. Besides, along with its reasonable price, you might want one which would be adaptable to all kind of terrain you would ride over, and this one has all the green cards.

Let me tell you the reason, this lightweight full suspension mountain bike comes with 26-inch wheels and it is very easy to operate. Furthermore, if I talk about its looks, it’s beautiful and strong and I know if you happen to take one of yourself, you are going to love riding on it. Besides, to add more trait, it is also great for its durability and works efficiently for whatever terrain you use it over.

Moreover, the frame features strong Aluminum frame and the sturdy Aluminum wheel coupled with the V-shape brake which ensures a stable bike ride you can think of. I have included the other basic details so that you get the reason for picking this one up.


  • Full suspension and strong Aluminum frame.
  • 21-speed and 26 inch wheel.
  • Strong Aluminum wheel set with V-shape rim and Alloy hubs.
  • Front and rear Promax disk brakes.
  • Shimano TZ-30GS derailleur and integrated into micro shift push shifters.


  • Can ride on any kind of terrain, so you can be harsh on it as much as you want.
  • Disc brakes work superbly in every condition, hence you can play around everywhere.
  • Assemble quickly and simply, so it will not take much time.
  • Best for its durability and stability.
  • Travel at no-limit speed, and I give it high marks for that.
  • Lightweight.


  • Front derailleur not to be trail worth.
  • Disc screws might not be properly tightened.
  • Professional set up needed.


Stowabike 26″ MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 1000The full suspension mountain bike from Stowabike can be an ideal mate for your adventure and as well as for regular use. It’s because this bike not just accompanies you for your smooth ride but boosts up your excitement in your lifestyle. Therefore, if you want a friend who would understand your demand and cares for your safety as well, this bike can be your first option.

This bike can impress you with its great comforts and pleasure. Let me tell you how. Because it can be a mountain bike for you and a folding one also which makes this bike an all-rounder.

Sounds really cool, isn’t it? Moreover, its beautiful look and breathtaking performance can be another trait that might impress you more. If you doubt about its durability, I would say, don’t! because it grabs all the marks for its sturdiness.

Sounds really cool, isn’t it? Moreover, its beautiful look and breathtaking performance can be another trait that might impress you more. If you doubt about its durability, I would say, don’t! because it grabs all the marks for its sturdiness. Besides, it has all the other feature I have included which makes it a perfect parent for you to pick.


  • Front and rear suspension frame.
  • 26 inch steel folding frame and 26 inch suspension steel fork.
  • 18-speed Shimano gears.
  • 2 x 12.6 x29.55 inches of folded size dimension.
  • Has a spring shock.
  • 26 inch wheel.
  • 3 speed grip left shifter and 6 speed grip right shifter.


  • Yet having 18 inch gear speed, but still gets the best mark for performance.
  • Affordable, hence it will not eat up your money.
  • Easy and quick to assemble. Therefore, your time won’t get wasted.
  • All-rounder for its folding bike trait.


  • Face hassle in speed when riding on rough terrain.
  • You can doubt on its durability and wheels.
  • Components can disappoint you.
  • The gears can be responsive but poorly.


ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike

The full suspension mountain bike from ANCHEER is another bike which has to enlisted as the best. This bike is available in 2 very nice colors: Black Blue and White Blue. Apart from that, it is prepared with the most efficient and trendy electric charge with the tires of high-quality lithium.

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 1000

Moreover, as it is an E-bike which is the electronic bike, you can guess how wonderful your mounting adventure can get for its speed.

You can call it a versatile bike for its great stamina, attractive style yet in reasonable, and trust me, after buying the one for yourself, you will never have a regretting mounting ride. Because this bike can take your adventure to a very different and new level which you will definitely love to be.

And since this affordable full suspension mountain bike is loved by many of its users, it definitely deserves to be on the list of the best. Now, let’s just light up what features does it have below, just in case if you need!


  • High strength carbon steel for the Front fork.
  • Premium full suspension and Shimano Gear.
  • 21 speed and 26 inch wheel.
  • Double layer Aluminum Alloy front and rear wheels.
  • High quality lithium tire.
  • Handle bars and Seat tube made of Aluminum Alloy.
  • Smart Lithium battery charger and 36V 8Ah for battery.
  • 250W high speed brushless gear motors.
  • 3-speed smart meter button.
  • Charging time for 4-6 hours.


  • Huge capacity for lithium battery and fast charging.
  • You can fold and unfold easily.
  • Superb for brakes and great in its control.
  • You can use over any kind of terrain.
  • Solidly built.


  • Heavy, hence issue for lifting it.
  • Unclear instructions on using the power assist.


2017 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This bike comes in 4 colors: Black, Grey, White and Yellow, thus you can have more color options to choose one for you. Besides the color, its features are another thing which you have to know. So here, let me present you the full suspension mountain bike from Gravity which ensures to fuel up your fun to another level.

This bike has 26 inch wheels built with rich components. The reason we enlisted the bike on the 10th best is for its wonderful performance with an elegant design. However, the Gravity FSX1.0 features Single Pivot technology in its aluminum frame. The frame is fresh and new, and the performance of the hydroformed tubing is breathtaking. If you want the best budget full Suspension Mountain Bike, this is your ultimate choice.

Furthermore, its equipped with TektroNovela disc brakes, so the bike takes all the care of your safety. Another point to light up is, its affluent Shimano makes the bike worth a buy. So, let me include the details in the summary so you can learn more about it outstanding features.


  • New Aluminum full suspension frame and TektroNovela disc brakes.
  • Outstanding performance for hydroformed Aluminum tubing.
  • Shimano M190 rear derailleur and Suntour Alloy Triple crankset.
  • 24 speed Shimano EF51
  • 8-speed mega range cassette and narrow 8 speed chain.
  • This is your lightweight full Suspension Mountain Bike that comes with a formula forged aluminum disc hubs and stainless steel spokes.
  • 6061-T6 aluminum double-wall and 26 inch by 2.1 inch black tires.
  • Aluminum riser handlebar and Alloy 27.2 seat post.


  • Attractive looks and gives a super smooth ride.
  • Easy Assembly, hence you can quickly assemble it.
  • Superb and impressive brakes and high marks for that.
  • Lightweight so you can easily handle it.
  • Rich Shimano components.


  • Absent kickstand.
  • Short wheel base.
  • Disappointments for its shocks.
  • No water-bottle holder.


Things Should Be Consider Buying a Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Are you thinking of the Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike under 1000 dollars? Full suspension mountain bike has become one of the most popular bikes among the riders.Its front and rear suspension system have bagged quite a lot of reasons to must have it. To start with its definition, this bike features both front and rear suspension that protects the rider from the bumps and makes the cross country ride smooth and easy. All of you just need is some light on its features and then you are all set for ready, steady and go.Let me start with its perks for taking one:

  • Smoother Ride: As it has a front and rear suspension system, it becomes easier for the riders to ride the bike. Moreover, this feature also ensures your safety and satisfying ride over any terrain you want.
  • Efficient and Speed: Full suspension mountain bike is not only preferred for its comfy ride but for efficiency and speed as well. It will never eat up your time and you can travel around any places, over any terrain with the highest speed and with no hassle.
  • Groovy Grip: The grip is indeed groovy because of its rear end and while you move it around and over bumpy terrain, the rear wheel makes the bike stay attached to it.
  • Bounceless: The front and the rear wheels will not bounce for every bump it gets. Hence, you can have a relaxed ride with it.
  • Play with turns and maneuverability: This is the favorite part of the riders as they get delighted with easy and quick turns and move with speed and in control. Therefore, the traction will never get lost.
  • Other than that, Entertaining element: What else do you need when you know that you can have the longest and fun ride without getting tired of using it. Not only that, you can also ride the bike with a huge speed over troubling terrain and corner it faster.

Let’s talk about some bike types as well:

  • Bikes with Short travel or Cross-country: The bikes are basically used for riding off-road and you can travel around shorter distance (80-120mm) with outstanding speed. Its angles and measurements are tightly constructed which give you a quicker ride. They have 1 to 4 inches travel and weigh around 22 to 28 pounds. Another trait to point out is, it has shocks to lockout for the powerful ride over any terrain.
  • Bikes with Mid Travel or Trail: Best for the mountain ride. This kind of bikes come with a mixture of climbing and descending ability. It is built for longer distances and is best known for its all-rounder nature. They basically have 4 to 6 inches of travel. Besides, the forks and shocks have adjustments which make your climb smoother. They also feature highly stable geometry for the faster downhill ride. Moreover, its superb durable components and fatter tires can lift up your adventure to a crazy level on bumpy terrain. Apart from this, it weighs around 26 to 34 pounds which is quite light for you.
  • Bikes with Long Travel or All-Mountain: This kind of bikes are ideal for the downhill ride and it is loved by most of the gravity riders. These bikes have 7 to 12 inches of travel with superbly built geometry. Its superior stability and super strong components can make you fall in love with it. Moreover, they have wide tires, toughened sidewalls and hydraulic disc brakes which maximize the speed control. Thus it can be the perfect mate for you to go on any mounting adventure with you.

Other than that, I’ll be including some very useful tricks for using the bike:

  • On the front and rear shocks to manufacturers specification, all you need to do is just a little modifications for air pressure depending on the weight of the rider. It will ensure the function of the suspension for you. It is also important to check the air pressure on every 2 weeks.
  • By setting the amount of suspension known as sag makes sure that it works endlessly great for you. However, the adjustments of air pressure or spring preload in the shocks affect the sag. Therefore, adjust the suspension according to what you weigh as it gets compressed while you are sitting on the bike. Thus, you should set the amount 20 to 30 percent of your total travel.
  • Dialing the rebound adjuster makes your suspension work effortlessly great for you. If you want more control over your suspension when you ride over bumpy roads, turn the adjustments in small increments as it can help you to get the best setting for bumpy rows.
  • It is important to clean up the sliders and seals of the shocks and the forks frequently. Also, make sure to clean up the components for longer durability and stability.
  • It is also recommended to oil up your forks and shocks suggested by the manufacturer of the bike. Otherwise, your internals could get harmed by using different oil other than the suggested one.
  • Cleaning up the bike is another basic tip to follow if it is used over dirt and muddy surfaces.
  • As full suspensions have additional parts and shocks which come up with complex features, so you have to give and maintain extra care towards it. You have to tune up the suspension according to your weight and riding style so that you can use it properly.

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Final Recommendation:

A full-suspension mountain bike can be the best option to think of. It does not only keep you in control and comfortable but fuels up your speed and ride in the most exciting way. If you are looking for that one kind of bike having the best and the coolest features, this is the bike made for you.

Moreover, this kind of bike is an ideal friend for the riders in their adventurous and regular life as well. Trust me, try it for once, and I can surely say, it will never let you down, rather will make your travel fun and crazy.

It’s awesome performance and rich features are enough to impress you. And if you are worried about the price, then I would say that these bikes are also available in the most reasonable price for you and besides, I have mentioned the 10 best of them, you can check them out. So choose yourself one that deserves to stay with you as your friend and spend the most interesting life with it. And hope these 10 best full suspension mountain bike under 1000 options are enough for you to pick one from. Hence, start thinking and grab the one.

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