Best Garden Hose Reel Guide and Reviews in 2020

Are you tired of surfing all of the webs just to buy the Best Garden Hose Reel currently on the market? Been through almost every website but not getting the perfect product as your choice? Ordered a hose reel recently but still not satisfied with the service of it? Let’s not worry about this matter anymore. This is the website you have been looking for the whole time. This is the end of your tedious surfing through the web for searching the best price garden hose reel – and it’s a promise!

There are lots of hose reel in the market. Some are the best, some are much worse than you can even think. To save your money, we have chosen some of the best hose reels for gardening. Different persons have a different choice according to their uses. So, these are some of the best price garden hose reel that will worth your money.

Our Top Pick Best Garden Hose Reel Expert Reviews 2019

Strongway Parallel or Perpendicular Wall-Mount Garden Hose Reel

If you are searching the quality garden hose reel that is wall mounted, Strongway Parallel or Perpendicular Hose Reel is the best choice for you. The benefits of using this for your loving garden is beyond your imagination. Let’s see what features you will get in spending only a few bucks.


  • Huge Capacity:

The Strongway Parallel or Perpendicular Wall-Mount Garden Hose Reel will provide you the ultimate capacity to store the hoses of your garden. It can hold up to 150 feet of your garden hose. Now you can be relieved of the tension to move with all the hoses in your hands.

  • Your Product, Your Control:

The most attractive feature of this reel is that you can easily install this device according to your need. Because sometimes you need to mount a reel in your wall parallel. And the other times- perpendicular. This product of strong way is giving you the total control of this situation. Just mount it in either dimension you want.

  • Ease of Handling:

The main benefit of a product should be that, you can operate it easily. In this way, this is the quality Garden Hose Reel in the market. It will give you the proper control to use in left as well as right hand. Moreover, it gives the best grip so that you can handle it properly.

  • Lightweight:

Strongway hose reel comes with only the weight of 22 pounds. It is easy to carry. When you need to move it from one place to another, you will definitely get advantage from it.

  • Metal Made:

One of the greatest advantages of using this hose reel is that it is very strong. There is no chance of getting a fracture. Even when you handle the device without any care, it won’t betray you and burst off.


  • Gives you advantages on mounting in the wall according to your need.
  • Can easily sustain the pressure of 150 PSI.
  • User-friendly for both left/right-hand users.
  • Installation is hassle-free.
  • Lifelong Durability.


  • Not suitable for manufacturing processes.
  • Sticks to the wall. There is a chance of ruining the paint off the wall.
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Liberty 704 Decorative Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel, Holds 125-Feet of 5/8-Inch Hose

When you are looking for the best garden hose of a perfect design, this is the Decorative Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel you are looking for. The beauty and imperial classical design will blow your mind completely. Just take a look at the product and you will fall in love in no time.


  • Royal Design:

The astonishing and magnificent designing of this hose is made to attract every person at a glance. Truthfully, I personally am thinking to order it for my home. If you like to decorate your home with perfect beauty, this is the Best Garden Hose Reel for decoration.

  • The capability of Holding Long Hose:

The Liberty 704 comes with an additional advantage of holding the hoses of your garden for up to 125 long. So, when you are watering your garden- you never have to fall into any problem because of your long hoses.

  • Non-Rust Technology:

The made quality of this mount garden hose reel is fully premium. Liberty 704 Decorative Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel is one of the best aluminum hose reels. It is totally made of cast Aluminium. There is also a coating of powder. So, your days of worrying about the rust and abrasion are gone forever.

  • Assembled Perfectly:

This royal designed garden hose reel comes pre-assembled. Just order your product and attach the handle. Mount on the wall where you want it. That’s it. You are done the mounting. Enjoy the advantages of the product for a lifetime.


  • All fittings are galvanized.
  • A magnificent and unique design.
  • The hardware is attached and assembled perfectly.
  • Long-lasting product.


  • The parts are a little bit difficult to find
  • The mounting hardware is excluded
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Suncast CPLPTW175 Slide Trak Hose Hideaway, 175-Feet, Mocha Brown

Ever Felt Shortage of hose when watering your garden? Then consider yourself a lottery winner because this best-rated garden hose reel has the capacity to store 175 feet hose. Let’s see what else you are getting with this package.


  • Longer Hose Capacity for Gardening:

The Suncast CPLPTW175 Slide Trak Hose is the one with 175 feet long hose capacity. Yeah, you saw that correctly. One hundred and seventy feet! That’s a huge capacity for any gardener. The hose can be kept inside the reel easily. This is one of a kind feature for any hose reel.

  • Requires a Little Space:

This feature is amazing for any of us. The Suncat CPLPTW175 Slide Trak Hose only takes about 23 square inches of area. So, if you want more space for the flowers and vegetables, the product will give you as much space as you need.

  • Beautiful Look:

The amazing and wonderful design of this product will blow your mind completely. It has a similarity with something like bamboo. So, it feels quite natural with the garden. Where other reels spoil the beauty of the garden, the CPLPTW175 Slide Trak Hose will increase it naturally.

  • Fits Naturally with The Garden:

The unique design and less space give you the advantage of placing the hose reel literally anywhere you want. You can just keep it in a corner of the garden if you want it unnoticeable. It will place as nothing is kept there. The color also gives it the advantage to blend with the garden.


  • 175 feet long hose capacity.
  • Comes with pre-assembled.
  • Predesigned shade for proper safety.


  • Hose connection made of plastic.
  • The handle of this reel needs to be controlled carefully.
  • Manual hose guide. Difficult to back the hose up.
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Liberty Garden Products 703-1 Multi-Purpose Steel Wall and Floor Mount Garden Hose Reel, Holds 200-Feet of 5/8-Inch Hose

There is a lot of hose reel in the market, right? But you can’t decide which one to choose. Are you facing a problem that you need the best garden hose and reel that is both wall-mounted and floor mounted? Thinking whether to buy two hose reels?

Your days of worry is now gone. The new multi-purpose wall and floor mount reel are here to save you from all the trouble. This is one of the best-rated garden hose reels for you to be mounted on the wall or floor.


  • Wall Mount/Floor Mount Flexibility:

The main and exceptional function of Multi-Purpose Steel Wall and Floor Mount Garden Hose Reel, Holds 200-Feet of 5/8-Inch Hose is that it has a feature to install it in either wall or just keep it in your garden. Many of us need a hose reel that can work for both standards. Only this reel can fulfill that need.

  • 200 Feet Long Hose Capacity:

Ever heard of a garden reel that has this kind of huge compartment for the hose? If not, this is the time. You can easily maintain your 5/8-inch garden hose up to 200 feet! Incredible, right?

  • Industrial Grade Manufacturing:

Durability is the main concern when you buy a hose reel for your garden. You do not want the product that does not last for a long time. Keeping this matter in mind, the manufacturer has decided to make this hose reel.

  • Galvanized Fittings:

The finishing of this product is mind-blowing. The galvanized fittings will make the reel tougher and weather-resistant for a long time. If you are trying to buy the Best Garden Hose Reel that has the perfect combination of all the parts, this is the product you have been looking for!


  • The construction is of steel.
  • Heavily durable.
  • Can be mounted or can be kept in a corner of the garden.
  • Longest hose capacity as a garden reel.


  • Humidity can cause internal rust.
  • The paint job is not totally satisfying.
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Yard Butler SRWM-180 Wall-Mounted Hose Reel

When you buy a hose for the favorite garden of yours, you have to keep a lot of things in your mind. Good design and a warranty are provided for all types of the best products.


  • 180° Rotating Wheel:

The SRWM-180 comes with an advanced and unique feature. It has a 180-degree rotating wheel. Now, what you will do with that? The main benefit is that you don’t have to worry about placing the reel in the perfect place. Just put it anywhere on the wall and you’re done. It can move at any angle to provide you the utmost flexibility.

  • Steel Grade Made Quality:

The whole hose reel is made of toughest steel. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about changing a hose reel in every year. This hose reel will last a lifetime.

  • Swivel Design:

The Yard Butler SRWM-180 has a swivel design. It will provide you a lot more flexibility than any other reel at a market at this price. Once you buy it, you won’t regret buying one.

  • The Perfect Bracing:

One of the most amazing features of this product is that it has the most attractive and splendid bracing in the current technology. That means the days of sagging is at the end. You will now have the most organized hoses in your garden as long as you want.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • 5-feet hose included that has brass fittings
  • Very small weight
  • Prevents sagging


  • Winding for the hose is a little difficult.
  • A little expensive in the current market.

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Liberty Garden Products 713 Revolution Multi-Directional Garden Hose Reel, Holds 150-Feet of 5/8-Inch Hose

Would you love to have the best portable garden hose reel that works well? Then you need to try the Revolution Multi-directional garden hose. Though the price is a little high, you must know that quality is priceless.

Though the price is a little high, you must know that quality is priceless.


  • Locking Positions in 24 Places:

The Revolution Multi-Directional Garden Hose Reel is one of a kind. It has this amazing feature of about 24 positions of locking! You can lock in individual 24 positions. This is the feature no other products can provide you. You just lock the hose and gain total control over watering your garden.

  • 360° Rotation Wheel:

Previously, Yard Butler has provided the unique feature to rotate 180 degrees. But now, this garden hose reel comes with even more innovative technology. The wheel of this reel can rotate through the total of 360 degrees! It gives you the ultimate adaptively of using the device properly.

  • Additional 12X14 inches Storage:

There is an additional roof on the top of the hose reel. It not only gives you protection but also a place to put anything. Suppose, you need a gardening tool frequent. But you just keep forgetting to bring it with you from the house. The external roof will give you the advantage to put anything over it.

  • Weather Resistant:

And now the interesting part. The Liberty Garden Products 713 Revolution Multi-Directional Garden Hose Reel is totally weather resistant. Now you can put your put your hose reel anywhere in you want.

  • Extreme Durability:

When it comes to the matter of durability, this is one of the best wall mount hose reels. There is no question about its durability. A lot of our customers have bought this product. Not even a single one of them is dissatisfied with this hose reel.


  • Comes with pre-assembled
  • Easy to install
  • Ultimate rotation of 360 degrees
  • Rain and drought proof


  • High price range

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Suncast Aquawinder 125-Foot Capacity Hose Reel

This article is written to save you from all the trouble of choosing the best garden hose reel. Our ultimate goal is to provide all the positive and negative points about the hose reels. There is no chance of lying. Truthfully speaking, according to features, price, and reviews- this product will gain the last position from my perspective.


  • Easy to Rewind:

The Aquawinder is made in such a way that it can easily rewind the pipes in it. So, you will be saved from doing it manually.

  • Totally Hands-free:

The device is hands-free. You just have to install it any place of your house and can sleep tension free till then. Though many of our customers have faced problems, the others are quite happy with the service of this device.


  • Water powered
  • The hose reel is automatic


  • Not so friendly
  • Loses wrapping power sometimes
  • Automatic rewind stops working
  • Too expensive
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Suncast RSW125D Aquawinder 125-Foot Capacity Hose Reel

If any product deserves the rightful complement, it’s this RSW125D Aquawinder. From top to bottom, everything you need in a hose reel is installed. All the innovative and advanced technology is maintained in this reel. This makes it one of the best quality garden hose reel on the market today.


  • Fully Automatic:

Getting a fully automatic hose in current time is not possible. But none of them gives you the perfect service according to your need. This is the device that fulfills all your need and offers you the premium and totally hands-free service.

  • Hands-Free Rewinding:

Not to mention, but this product will help you save literally a lot of time. You don’t have to manually take the pipe back up by traditional ways. When you are done, you have to just push a button- all done. The hoses will be taken into the reel in no time.

  • Smart Trak System:

For the first time, Suncast brings you the “Smart Trak System”. Watering the garden is easy. But the hardest part is to back it up orderly. You will surely face a problem backing up the pipes properly.

To help you with this matter, this device brings the smart trek. It will automatically rewind the pipelines evenly according to need.

  • Excellent Construction of Resin:

The resin is made in such a way that it is very durable and strong. The inside mechanism is quite amazing. The resin is made in such a way that it can handle a lot of pressure. Therefore, it will be able to properly handle all the loads inside of it and also maintain the hoses properly at the same time.

  • Decorative Pattern:

The outside is bamboo made. The design is totally unique and exclusive. It is very stylish for any class of people. The look of it will blow any of your guest’s mind completely. It will help you to increase the beauty of your garden.


  • Rewinding is automatic
  • Innovative and totally new technology
  • Included two stakes of garden stakes
  • Fully assembled


  • The weight is a little much
  • Connection to the main source is of plastic rather than metal
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Eley / Rapid Reel Free Standing Garden Hose Reel Model 1042

Another best garden hose reel is made by Eley recently. Most of the consumers of this product are totally satisfied with the service and performance of this reel. If you are planning to buy one, this should definitely be on your checklist.


  • Free Standing Feature:

This is one of the unique products of the current time. You don’t have to struggle through all the steps just to install a hose reel for the favorite garden of yours. When you buy ordinary hose reels, you have to follow every step to finding a proper place, drilling, maintaining regularly. But with the new Rapid Reel Free Standing Garden Hose Reel, all of your days of worrying are gone forever.

  • Totally Aluminium Made:

It comes with the premium finishing of Aluminium. The whole body is made of Aluminium. That’s why this product comes with a “No Break” warranty. There is not even a chance of leaking anywhere in the body.

  • Indestructible Made Quality:

As I have mentioned, this product is made up of Aluminium. The whole body is die-casted of Aluminium. The main advantage of Aluminium is that it is totally indestructible. At least you can’t break it in an easy way. So, it is truly one of a kind.

  • Say ‘No’ to Drilling Forever:

In every other garden hose reel, you have to drill manually in the precious wall of yours. But with this new innovative design, you can say ‘bye bye’ to drilling forever. There is no need for damaging the wall.

  • Easily Portable:

The best thing I like about Rapid Reel Free Standing Garden Hose Reel is that it is easily portable. So, when you are trying to move it to a more suitable place, simply grab it and take to the other place. It’s as easy as that. No more trouble about re-installation.


  • It does not let you worry about free-space
  • No Break Warranty
  • Rubber feet will help you to place in any space
  • Premium made quality
  • Highest rated product among hose reels.


  • Not pre-assembled. You have to assemble it manually
  • The weight is too much
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Suncast PW100 Powerwind 100-Foot Capacity Automatic Rewind Garden Hose Reel

Another uncommon hose reel is brought to you by the famous company Suncast. Like any other product of Suncast, it has introduced an exceptional and brilliant garden hose reel in the market. Let’s see what we get with the product.


  • Additional Pedal Function:

Is it easy to water the plant of your garden, right? But the main struggle comes when you are taking the pipes back in the reel. It’s very hard and time-consuming. Therefore, the Suncast PW100 Powerwind 100-Foot Capacity Automatic Rewind Garden Hose Reel has the ultimate feature of the pedal. You can easily use your feet to do these works.

  • Automated System:

For those who are looking for the best automatic garden hose reel, this one will suit your needs. The main feature of this reel is that the system is automatic. There is a pre-load battery in it to provide the automatic system required power.

  • Uses a Rechargeable Battery:

The hose reel contains a rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery is the heart of the hose reel. It provides the required power to keep the system running constantly.


  • Fully assembled system
  • Pre-included a rechargeable battery & charger
  • Can be operated easily with feet.


  • No hose included
  • Not the perfect design in this price range
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Thing Should Be Consider Buying a Garden Hose Reel

As you have finished reading about all the products, the merits, and demerits of each and every of it, it’s time for choosing which the best garden hose reel is. In this article, I have chosen the best of the best in the market according to their specifications, customer satisfaction, and price range. Almost all of them comes with a magnificent look. But it’s always you who will buy the product. To help you with more here are the matters you should look into these matters before buying a hose reel:

  • Made Quality
  • Specifications
  • Hose Capacity
  • Used Material
  • Price Range
  • A Perfect Finishing
  • Product Weight and Portability
  • Stain Resistance

If you check these kinds of the point before buying a hose reel, you will be benefitted most.

3 Ways to Make Better Use of a Garden Hose Reel

For maintaining the hoses properly, a hose reel is needed. But for the best and effective use of a garden hose reel, you need to maintain some facts

  • A Perfect Placement:

Whenever you bought a new hose reel, you must take the fact into mind about the proper placement. The hose reel will have to be placed in such a place from where you can reach easily to every corner of your garden. Then, you will not feel any shortages of hose.

  • Proper Management:

The most important thing about the hose reel is that you have to operate it properly. Always try to take a glance at the user manual after buying. It will show you the perfect way to control and operate your hose reel properly.

  • Storing:

The most important part-Storing. Some of the reels are wall mount. You do not need an external care of those. But if your reel is portable, find the most suitable place for it. Always avoid dump and wet places.

How To Roll of a Garden Hose Reel?

Gardening is one of the oldest hobbies of mankind. Gardening keeps the heart smile. But to maintain a garden properly, you need some other equipment. ‘Hose’ is one of them.

For your beautiful garden, water is needed. And the hoses are used to control the water for a perfect distribution of water. But carrying long hose is not possible because you will find that the hoses will be spoiled by the friction with dirt. Moreover, the hose will be folded in different places and watering will be difficult.

To save you from all the trouble, a hose reel will help you to store all the tubes effectively at the time of watering.

Final Recommendation:

These are the best garden hose reel to buy in the current market. A garden always needs maintenance. And without a proper supply of water, a garden is valueless. These are the choices we have sorted out for you. As of now, you have finished the article, choose wisely according to your need and preference.

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