Best Hybrid Mountain Bike in 2020 – Guide & Reviews

So, you are interested in a new bike, and are having a difficult time choosing between a road and a mountain bike which one do you choose? Well, how about you have the best features of both bikes. Consider a hybrid mountain bike if you want to get the best bits of mountain and road bikes all in one package. Hybrid bikes have an upright, stable and comfortable riding position, which means they are an excellent choice for urban commuters.

They often have the capability of taking on off-road duties, they are, therefore, a good starting point for the casual rider who is not interested in the performance of mountain or road bikes, but wants to enjoy both sides. Hybrid bikes usually have flat handlebars like mountain bikes. This flat handlebar offers an upright riding position as compared to those of a dropped handlebar bike. This feature provides better visibility than road bikes when navigating through traffic. The fast rolling700c wheels offer a quick and efficient ride.

Hybrids are not limited to roads, though. Whereas their tires are not as wide as those of mountain bikes are, they are still appropriate for light off road duties such as on gravel tracks and canal towpaths. Now this time city bike is most popular also.Hybrids tend to have broader gear range than road bikes; this makes them easier to pedal uphill. How about a look at some of the best hybrid mountain bikes?

Our Top Pick 10 Best Hybrid Mountain Bike Ultimate Guide

GTM 27.5″ Shimano Hybrid 21 Mountain Bike

The GTM 27.5″ Shimano Hybrid 21 Speed Mountain Bike is the hybrid mountain bikefashionable and comfortably designed bike for riders. Used for commuting to work, riding in parks and camping grounds. It features a fashionable design, an aluminum frame to keep it lightweight and sturdy making it durable.

Shimano manufacturers have added a suspension fork to guarantee the full comfort of the ride.The suspension fork absorbs all shocks and bumps on the way. Suspension fork ensures that the riders of the Shimano hybrid do not suffer from back pains or injuries. With the Shimano Rear Derailleur, the rider can quickly shift gears.

This precise shifting gives the rider, better control over all types of terrains. It also features a flat handlebar that gives the rider a better view of the ground and an upright riding position. The seat is comfortable and suitable for longer rides. Shimano has mechanical disc brakes that are excellent quality and superb stopping power.


  • It has an aluminum frame that makes it light and sturdy.
  • Its suspension fork absorbs all the shock of a rough terrain.
  • Comfortable padded seats.
  • It has Quality disk brakes.


  • It is slow.
  • It is heavy for a bike in its class.
  • It does not come in many colors

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Diamondack 2015 Octane 24 Hard Tail Bike

The Diamondback bicycles 2015 octane 24 hardtail mountain bike is a heat-treated aluminum construction that is sturdy and at the same time hybrid mountain bikes Aluminium construction is excellent if you love long rides in parks. It also features a replaceable derailleur hanger for durability. Its suspension fork offers the rider a smooth ride. If you enjoy riding on rough terrain, then Diamondback 2015 Octane 24 Hard Tail Bike is the ideal bike for you. The suspension keeps the bumps smooth on the way.

It also has linear pull brakes that are straightforward and secure this is excellent if you intend to use the bike to work and navigating through traffic. Fast and strong braking will get you out of potential accidents fast.

The Diamondback also has a Shimano 7 speed drivetrain giving you a full range of gears suit different terrains you are riding.


  • One big plus is that it sports an aluminum frame, whereas most bikes in this range are made of steel.
  • Assembly of this bike is very easy.
  • It is sturdy and light.
  • You can replace its derailleur, which gives it a longer lifetime.
  • It is cheap.


  • It has no assembly instructions.
  • It has a low number of gears, therefore, giving you little options in terms of terrains.
  • It comes dismantled you have to put it together yourself which is difficult for some other people.

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Schwinn High Timber Men’s Mountain Bike

The Schwinn High Timber men’s mountain bike spots aSchwinn High Timber Men's Mountain Bike mountain frame with a Schwinn suspension for more controlled riding. It also features front suspension to absorb all those bumps when you are riding uphill or on a rough terrain.

If you have been looking for a men’s hybrid mountain bike, this has a Shimano twist shifters that have 21 speeds to assist you to clear those rough bike trails with ease.

A Shimano rear derailleur is also at your disposal for the times when you have to make those quick gear changes.For emergency stops, the Schwinn high timber has you covered with the alloy V brakes for instant sure stops. Alloy V brakes are excellent if you have to navigate traffic. On top of the alloy V brake, it also features alloy wheels for some added flair. The three-piece alloy crank gives you a wide range of gears so that there is no terrain you cannot concur.


  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is a great looking bike.
  • It is cheap.
  • Rides nicely and has a comfortable seat.


  • You have to adjust your brakes, and it is expensive.
  • It produces strange sounds when you shift gears.
  • It has no assembly literature.

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Ancheer 27.5 inches 21 Speed Mountain Bike

mens hybrid mountain bike

The Ancheer 27.5-inch 21 Speed Hybrid Bike Men Seeker Mountain Bike features a 27.5-inch wheel anti slip that makes the bike easy to ride.

It also has a Shimano 21 speed derailleurs for a variety of ride experience from pavements to rough country roads. It also has a reliable shifter for smooth and excellent shifting of gears.

It also has a high carbon steel frame that is sturdy and comfortable padded seats for when you have to go off road. The front wheels’ feature suspension fork to ease those rough forest trails and give you a comfortable ride. Ancheer 27.5 inches 21 Speed Mountain Bike also has the front and rear pull brakes that pack a huge 110kg load capacity, which means instant brakes, which is useful if you happen to be in the city.

It is available in two cool colors red black and blue black.


  • It has great speeds when climbing.
  • It handled the hills with no problem.
  • It shifts smoothly, brakes quickly.
  • Great bike for such a low price


  • The brakes are a little hard.
  • It is only available in two colors.

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Gracelove 26″ Folding 6 Speed Mountain Bike

This bike features a Shimano 6 speed derailleur and freewheel, a heavy – duty kickstand.

hybrid mountain bike reviewsIt also folds in simple steps; this means that you can carry it in your boot or trunk you do not need an expensive bike rack. I call it the ladies hybrid mountain bike. Gracelove 26″ Folding 6 Speed Mountain Bike also sports an adjustable seat height and handles bar; this is good because you can customize the bike to suit your needs or according to your size.

It offers a comfortable ride with a padded seat; it is perfect for everyday use. This is the ultimate women’s hybrid mountain bike.


  • It is more lightweight than another bike that means it is easy to move upstairs.
  • They are ideal for putting in a trunk; you don’t need a bike rack
  • It is least expensive folding bike
  • They can fold making them ideal for saving space.


  • It does not come fully assembled.
  • It has no water bottle holders on it.
  • It has less speed options.

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How To Choose The Best Quality  Hybrid Mountain Bikes

Choosing the best type of hybrid mountain bike mostly depends on how you are planning to use it. What type of riding will you be doing? Commuting in the city, riding on pavements or gravel once you know this, you can choose the type of hybrid bike that suits you.Therefore, when shopping for a hybrid mountain bike, there are two main points you have to consider.

The bike features and components: these are things like suspensions, wheel size, gears, racks and fenders, brakes will determine how you are planning to use the bike.

  • Bike Fit

Once you have the above requirements, you now made sure that your bike fits you.

  • Wheel Size

700c is the standard wheel size found on most bikes. However, focus more on the bike that suits your riding style.

  • Gears

Hybrid bikes have gears that range from one to 27 or more. Keep it simple just consider the level of fitness and the terrain you will be riding. If you fancy climbing hills, then your best bike will be one with more gears.

  • Bike Suspension

Most hybrid bikes do not have suspensions because they add more weight and make pedaling less fun. Therefore, if you prefer to ride on paved bike paths, your best bike will be one without suspensions. If you are finding suspension mountain bike please read this guide to buy a full suspension mountain bike under $1000.

  • Brake Type

Most hybrid bikes come with rim brakes that grip onto wheel rims; these are economical and easy to observe. However, on the other side rim brakes wear out the edges and require replacement early.

Disc brakes feature brakes that grip on to brake rotor on the wheel hub. There are two types of brake pads hydraulic brake pads and mechanical brake pads.

So when choosing the best bike considers the most economical brake pads and the ones that will cater to your needs.

  • Bike Frame Materials

The majority of hybrid bikes are made from aluminum, others are made from steel and carbon fiber, and each has advantages and disadvantages, so you need to check your priorities when deciding.

Choose aluminum if you fancy big stiff and affordable bikes and you will be riding on pavements.

  • Handlebar Shape

When looking for the best hybrid bike always check the level of the seat and the handlebar. The farther down the seat is below the handlebar, the more comfortable the bike is.

  • Bike Cargo Racks

Depending on the errands you will use the bike to run for example trips to the grocery store or commuting to work, choose bikes that have separate bike cargo racks to carry your goods.

  • Fenders

If you use the bike to run errands or going to work every day, your best bike will be the one with fenders that keep the road mud and grime from splashing on you especially on wet days.

  • Get The Bike That Fits For You

No matter the type of hybrid bike, you choose to make sure you get a bike that fits you. Try to ride the bikes at the dealership until you find the best hybrid bike for yourself.

Final Recommendation:

Hybrid bikes are versatile and can suit any environment or set. Their lightweight construction makes them the best bikes when you use your bike for running errands. Their low seating position enables you to see clearly ahead, therefore, they are excellent for an urban commuter who must always be alert.

Whether you are an outdoor rider who loves the thrill of riding on hills and winding forest routes, there is always a bike for you. If you just want a bike to take you to work and back, home hybrid bikes are your best bet. They are cheap, light, and above all comfortable. I would recommend any of the bikes at any time.

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