Best Pocket Knife Sharpeners Reviews and Buying Guide in 2019

Best Pocket Knifea Sharpeners A knife is a simple, yet useful tool catering to our daily needs. Constructed of a sharpened blade with a handle, it is something that comes in handy almost every day of our lives. In almost all the homes in the US, knives are there as utensils. Knives have a great history in the battlefield as well. Nonetheless, from the kitchen to the battlefield, a knife is something that has an immense number of users. That is where a knife sharpener comes in. Pocket knives have gained great value over the years. For this very reason, we are here to introduce you to the best pocket knife sharpeners so that your blade doesn’t lose its edge.

So, who exactly needs a pocket knife sharpener? Did you know that in spring 2008, about 29.23 million people went on hiking trips? It is also good to know that the number increased to a whopping 44.11 million in spring 2016.

Hikers and campers need to be prepared for almost everything.  From cutting out branches to lighting the camp fire, a sharp knife is a must to complete this series of tasks. A blunt knife means you are about to have a very tough camping trip! So, to keep your blades knife and sharp so that you can encounter whatever nature can through at you, we are here with an array of the best knife sharpeners you can currently find. We are here to help you choose the one that suits your needs perfectly.

So, how did we choose the products? It is not a simple question to answer. We went through a lot of similar products and brought out the best ones we could find. Our team of experts helped us determine the best products from the huge lot. And from there, we are presenting you with the unbiased and honest reviews. We hope that these products will suit your needs perfectly.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump right into it.

Different Parts of a Knife: From the Eyes of a Survivor

A hiker or camper is usually in wandering in the wilds for the sake of adventure. There may come several moments when he has to depend on his knife for the sake of survival.  Here is the anatomy of a pocket knife from the survivor’s point of view:

  • Tang: The tang is a known as the most important part of the knife. It is the part that is inside the blade and offers rigidity and durability. There are several types of tang styles out there. Scaled, encapsulated, extended, stick, hidden, skeletonized, Tapered and pushed design tangs are quite popular.
  • Handle: The handle of the survival knife must satisfy three criteria,

1. Must be attached strongly to the tang.

2. Must be able to sustain heavy usage.

3. Should feel nice in hand.

The handle material is something to be very cautious about, as it may make or break the deal. Kratan, leather, molded plastic, epoxy resins, nylon polymer, are some of the materials used for a nice handle.

Most survival knives these days come with some system to attach a lanyard, which may be useful in some particular scenarios.

  • Bolster, Quillon or Guard: These three parts may have different names, but they have a common purpose. And that is to protect the hand, prevent the knife from sliding away.

Bolsters are the protruded parts of the blade which make a cushion for the hand. If they are long enough, they can be regarded as guards. But when the guards are on both sides of the knife, they are each called a Quillon.

  • Pommel: It is typically a part of the tang that enables the knife to strike harder. This adds capabilities to the butt of the knife so that an individual can hammer or strike with the knife.
  • Sheath: A sheath is a protective cover. It protects the hand and the blade from severe damage.

Choosing the material for the sheath is important. Most people consider having a leather sheath. But we now have materials like Kydex or Zytel which are much more efficient in a jungle or some similar setting. Some sheaths also come with additional storage and hanging spaces.

These are essential parts of a knife that are suitable for an adventurous setting. Now, let us dive into a bit more details.

Different Types of Knife Sharpeners

With the progression of time, knives became more and more useful each day. As time went by, the need for knife sharpeners also became evident. So, new tools and technology were introduced for sharpening the edges. These tools kept the edges of the knives sharp and made the lives of the hunter a lot easier.

  • Hand-held Sharpeners: The key feature of a handheld knife sharpener is that it is portable. And we will leverage this feature in our upcoming reviews.

With portability comes some sacrifices of course. You are not given a lot of options for sharpening the knives. You get fewer slots and options to get the job done.

These types of tools are simple to use. Typically the blade is either drawn through the slots, or the knife sharpener is brought down the length of the knife for sharpening.

Portability is key for these types of tools. Hikers, hunters and even chefs in the kitchen find tools like these quite useful.

  • Sharpening Stones: Sharpening stones have been around for some time now. Novaculite (Arkansas), Aluminum Oxide (India) and Silicon Carbide (Crystolon) are the known materials for sharpening stones. Based on their materials, they are used for sharpening to various degrees. Sharpening stones often have diamond abrasives for that extra bit of perfection for sharpening the knife edges.
  • Honing Steels: As mentioned earlier, they don’t sharpen the blade. Their primary job is actually to hone the knife blade and provide some amount of sharpening.
  • Electric Sharpeners: Electric knife sharpeners are very easy to use, which have made them quite popular over the years. Electric sharpeners usually spin the sharpening stones, and the knives are sharpened via these slots. It is a 2 to 3-step process but takes a minimal amount of time. This makes it efficient and accurate.
  • Serrated Sharpener: They are used in very particular cases. Serrated knives have a unique knife design. So, normal sharpeners may do more harm than good. Serrated sharpeners are used in this case for better performance.

We now know a fair bit about knives and their sharpening equipment. Now let us see, how we can sharpen our knives using some basic tools.

Our Top Pick Best Pocket Knife Sharpeners Review 2018

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

Lansky 3143 PS MED01 BladeMedicThe Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic is the first product up for review. This product is simply a combination of portability and performance. It is something great to get started with if you are new to the pocket knife sharpener trend.

Highlighted Features:

  • The product comes with the rod that is diamond tapered for reconditioning and maintaining a knife to its potential.
  • The ceramic carbide grooves will make your blade as good as new in just a few strokes.
  • The ceramic sharpening rods are a great addition to a blade sharpener for swift results.
  • The serrated knife sharpener will not disappoint when it comes to a task that seemed unimaginable.


  • The sharpening rods are long and durable
  • It is a lightweight product with a high amount of versatility in performance.
  • The ‘Vee’ sharpening notches are a great addition and offer superior performance.
  • The diamond rods magnetic mechanism helps it to be a solid knife sharpener.


  • The pricing may be an issue for some buyers. But the performance outweighs this statement.

The Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic is an excellent product with a handsome set of clever features. This product is definitely worth the look.

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DMT FWFC Double Sided Diafold Sharpener Fine / Coarse

The DMT FWFC Double Sided Diafold Sharpener Fine / Coarse is the second product up for review in our lineup for the best pocket knife sharpener. This versatile product is wonderful in its manner. The careful and simplistic look gives a flair that is quite spectacular. The product is a pack full of gifts for your mountain trips that will keep your knife edge as good as new.

Highlighted Features:

  • The products key selling points are low weight and portability. It has an exceptionally conventional design for daily use.
  • It is a two-sided sharpener with a coarse diamond on one side for dull knife edges and a fine diamond for getting sharp edges.
  • The monocrystalline diamond surface offers faster results when sharpening the knife. No additional lubricant is needed other than water.
  • The construction is quite durable for long lasting performance.


  • The build quality is exceptional for long usage.
  • The simplistic design is much more convenient.
  • No additional lubricant is required, which is a plus point.
  • The diamond surface is much quicker in sharpening pocket knives.


  • The extra fine side for sharpening may not work for many customers if not used correctly.

The DMT FWFC Double Sided Diafold Sharpener is an exceptionally well-built product for the price. We would like to recommend you to have a look and consider the performance factors.

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 Victorinox Pocket Knife Sharpener (Clam Pack), Black

The Victorinox Pocket Knife Sharpener is the third product that we are about to review. It has quite an unusual design compared to the first two products that we have discussed so far. The product from Germany is strong and can handle even the dullest knives. Now let us take a look at the features of this slim and nice knife sharpener.

Highlighted Features:

  • The product features a ceramic rod with a hook sharpening groove for super performance. It is coarse and can do some sharpening to a common standard. victorinox knife sharpener edge becomes quite sharp after the sharpening treatment.
  • It is an enclosed system. It means that the product is entirely harmless in your pocket.
  • The product is easy to clean without the help of any complex material. Hot water does the trick.
  • It comes with a ceramic V-style pull-thru sharpener for beginners
  • The small opening for rinsing material to pass and clip are some bonus features.


  • The products enclosure makes it safe for usage.
  • It is well-built and handy.
  • Nothing fancy is required to clean the ceramic rod after use.
  • Easy mechanism introduced for first-time users.


  • The ceramic V-style pull-thru sharpener does not have a solid recognition when it comes to sharpening knives in a proper manner.

The Victorinox Pocket Knife Sharpener is a product that has both quality and commitment. It is a great product for both the beginners and intermediate users. We highly recommend that our users take a look at this wonderful knife sharpener.

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Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener, Grey

The Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener is the most versatile product in our review for the Best Pocket Knife Sharpener. This slim and sleek pocket knife sharpener has some serious tricks up its sleeve. This product is a must have item for hikers, hunters, and those who want all the bells and whistles in a compact well-designed enclosure. And the Smith’s Pocket Pal never disappoints, that’s for sure.

Highlighted Features:

  • The tapered diamond rods are perfect for dealing with serrated knives.
  • Carbide blades are surprisingly quick in mending the knife edges. These blades are replaceable, and you also have the option to reverse them as you please.
  • Sharpening angles have great performance for knife sharpening.
  • A lanyard hole is an additional bonus for carrying your knife with you safely.


  • The diamond rods, carbide blades and sharpening angles are well-built and super performers.
  • The 3.5×1 inch size of the blade and 1-ounce weight is surprisingly handy.


  • If the proper guidelines are not followed, the sharpener may dampen your knife instead of sharpening it.

The smith’s pocket pal knife sharpener is the number one product for a reason. It is quite a versatile product for its size and shape. We highly recommend our customers to take a look at the product. It is a terrific performer indeed!

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Smith’s CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener

The Smith’s CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener is another product from Smith’s who have been producing great products for over a 125 years. They certainly keep their promise, as they have delivered excellent easy-to-use products that perform nicely. The product that we are reviewing is no exception. This product has occupied the number 5 spot in our review. It is certainly a product that will sharpen your knives nicely!

Highlighted Features:

  • The crossed carbide blades offer quick and robust sharpening performance.
  •  Crossed ceramic rods sharpen your knife blade to perfection.
  • Added rubber feet for providing additional safety.
  •  Lanyard hole adds options for you to carry your knife safely.


  • Does a good job of sharpening out the edges of old knives.
  • Compact form-factor.
  • The product has solid handling capabilities.


  • The sharpeners are great for fillet knives, but it may not sharpen other knives well enough.

The smiths 2 step knife sharpener is an excellent choice if you are looking for the necessary tools for sharpening your utensils. We would urge the readers to have a look at this product.

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Buck Knives 97076 EdgeTek Dual Grit Pocket Stone Diamond Knife Sharpener

The Buck Knives 97076 EdgeTek Dual Grit Pocket Stone Diamond Knife Sharpener is a portable stone sharpener. The product is well-suited for hikers for its size and weight. The product occupies the number 6 slot in our journey for the best knife sharpener.

Highlighted Features:

  • The sharpening surface is diamond coated (100%), and both sides are usable. One side has medium 750 grits, and the other side has coarse 350 grits.
  • It comes with a protective sheath.
  • The dimensions of this product are 4×1.25 inches.
  • Buck Knives always stand behind their products. That’s why it comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • The product is incredibly slim and lightweight (1.3 oz.)
  • Sharpening coating is on both sides.
  • The protective sheath is a nice addition as the handler can carry it safely.
  • Longevity is certified.


  • The knife sharpener is small, which can be a deal-breaker for some folks who need something bigger.

This Diamond Knife Sharpener is a robust and simple looking product. The simplicity of this product does not go amiss, but it still gets the job done perfectly. This product is suitable for those who need something portable.

 Smith’s CCD4 3 IN 1 Field Sharpening System

Another product from Smith’s makes its way into our review for the good pocket knife sharpener. The Smith’s CCD4 3 IN 1 Field Sharpening System is a complete package for anyone who needs all the features in a compact and lightweight form. The product has unique looks and does pack a punch. This product from Smith’s is a tough contender in our list of products.

Highlighted Features:

  • Carbide blades are swift in mending the edge of your knife. The diamond surface is great for sharpening on-the-go.
  •  It has ceramic rods which can do multiple sharpening tasks.
  • The addition of sharpening grooves allows fishers to sharpen their hooks. Pointy objects can be sharpened as well.
  • The sharpening angles are pre-set and provide great support.


  • The carbide blades, ceramic rods, sharpening grooves, and angles are there to provide the best sharpening possible.
  • Rubber feet are there to provide additional safety.


  • The honing process is not up to the standards but works well.

The smiths sharpeners 3 in 1 system is an all-in-one tool for an individual who needs the complete set of care for his pocket knife and other utilities. Have a look at this product for a better judgment.

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 Smith’s DCS4 4-Inch FINE & COARSE Diamond Combo Sharpening Stones

We are now at number 8 in our countdown for the best pocket knife sharpener. We have the Smith’s DCS4 4-Inch FINE & COARSE Diamond Combo Sharpening Stones up for review. The Smith’s are one of the prominent product manufacturers in the world. Their only goal is to provide their customers with the best knife sharpening tools at a reasonable price. The product that we are dealing with right now is no exception. Let’s get into the features of this product.

Highlighted Features:

  • The diamond sharpener features coarse and fine diamond stones in the same compact package.
  • It has a lightweight body and sleek structure.
  • Micro-tool sharpeners are there for small scale tools.
  • Thumb guard and rubber feet provide security and comfort.


  •  750 grit and 325 grit diamond stones are packed in one product.
  • The sleek and lightweight design allows for a much more user-friendly experience.
  • Micro-tool sharpening pads add additional flair and usability.


  • The product has some issues with knife sharpening but works great with smaller tools.

If you want smiths pocket knife sharpener tools that need attention, the Smith’s DCS4 4-Inch FINE & COARSE Diamond Combo Sharpening Stones is a fine choice for you.

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Winchester Pocket Knife Sharpener

The Winchester Pocket Knife Sharpener is number 9 on our list. This sleek, black ceramic knife sharpener is a low-profile product and meets the customer’s needs quite nicely.

Highlighted Features:

  •  The product is rigid and offers great longevity.
  • It features two-stage sharpening process which is convenient.
  • The ceramic rods are reliable and help make the knives super sharp.
  • Perfect for use in outdoor conditions such as hiking, hunting military and more.


  •  The low-profile design of the product is something that many users’ will appreciate.
  • The lightweight and robust design is a nice touch.
  • The ceramic rods are well-made for sharpening purposes.


  • The outer construction is made out of plastic, which is not convenient at all.

If you are looking for a professional knife sharpener that has a discreet yet solid design, this is the product to go for. Take a look at this product for convenience.

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Lansky QuadSharp Carbide/Ceramic Multi Angle Knife Sharpener, Blue

The Lansky QuadSharp Carbide/Ceramic Multi Angle Knife Sharpener is the last product that we are going to review. The products from Lansky always offer superior performance. This product is no exception. Apart from the premium looks and feel, it is a solid product for sharpening pocket knives on a regular basis.

Highlighted Features:

  • The ceramic polishing stones offer great versatility and usability for the user.
  • It has 17, 20, 25 and 30-degree sharpening angles, offering a variety of options for the user.


  • The ceramic stones are great and add sharpness to your blade irrespective of the material your knife is made of.
  • Apart from the sleek and stylish design, the variety it provides is good enough for any user.


  • Some of the carbide bits get a bit loose over time.

The lansky quadsharp knife sharpener is a solid choice for a hiker or camper who is in need of solid usability. The product feels premium and is a nice addition to any user. We recommend the users for getting a better look at it.

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How to Properly Sharpen Your Knife?

As we know, the growing popularity of a pocket knife is beyond imaginable. Pocket knives are being used for the simplest tasks like opening a package or perhaps using it to check out an unidentified bag. So, if the knife loses its sharpness and becomes dull, it will use its ability to perform. Here are two simple methods for sharpening a pocket knife for maximum usability.

Using a stone to sharpen your knife:

 This method does not require any particular expertise. The method is quite simple and will get the job done. The steps that you need to follow are as follows:Using a stone to sharpen your knife

  • Choose a stone that you want to use. Normally, a stone with a dimension of about 2×16 will make your job easier. Do keep in mind that there are some options out there. Whetstone, ceramic stone and diamond stone are some of the options that you can choose. Using a ceramic stone can be challenging, but the whetstone, in this case, does very well. The diamond stone is the best among the lot but is quite expensive as well.
  • It is quite necessary to lubricate the stone you are about to use. The lubricants are used for reducing the amount of heat produced due to the rubbing of the knife on the stone. It also helps to clog up the pores of the stone so that the blade surface can smoothly roll over the stone surface.
  • It is crucial that you identify the angle and bevel of your blade. We have provided some info on that. But if you are uncertain, check with your manufacturer for more information.
  • Now position the knife on your sharpening stone and glide the blade on the surface of the stone. Be gentle. Continue the process for 7-8 times.

Now you are ready to test the sharpness of your blade. It will confirm that you have successfully sharpened a pocket knife!

Using a honing rod for sharpening:

Using a honing rod for sharpening your knife is as easy as the first method. If you follow the steps properly, you will reap good results! Now follow the steps:Using a honing rod for sharpening

  • Honing rods are also recognized as sharpening steels. They are most useful for sharpening the edges. The first thing you need to do is to hold the rod in an upright position and let it rest firmly on the counter or any other surface you are using.
  • Know the angle and bevel of your knife. It is always helpful.
  • Now swipe the blade edge along the honing rod surface. Remember to be gentle and not to use excessive force. Do it for both edges.
  • After a few swipes, your blade should be ready for action!

That is all there is to it. If you want to sharpen your pocket knife, you should follow these methods.

Now it is time to review the products that we have found for you. Note that these products have the features to apply our methods for sharpening your daily tool.

So, let us jump right in!

Keep In Mind few important things that you need to know

Now that we know a little bit about the knife anatomy, we need to know a couple of more things before we get started. Here are a few important things that you need to know.

  • Bevel: The term refers to the shape of the blade’s edge. It is also called the Grind.
  • Edge: It is the sharpened bottom part of the blade.
  • Grit: This refers to the surface material of the sharpening stone that can sharpen your blade knife.
  • Honing: It means the practice of keeping the already sharp blade sharp.
  • Sharpening: This means that you are physically removing metal parts or shards from your knife to create a new edge for the blade.
  • Spine: The Spine is the top part of the blade.
  • Swarf: These are the left-over metal shards after the blade is sharpened.

Now, allow us to enlighten you a bit more by pouring in some additional information that may come in handy.

We will now talk about a few shapes of the blade edges of the knife, also, as mentioned earlier, known as Bevels. There are a few common bevel types:

  • Convex bevel: This type of bevel has an outward taper to it, allowing more metal to stay behind the edge and make it sharper. It is typically found in cleavers.
  • Chisel bevel: This type of bevel has a very sharp edge. The blade has a flat side with a ground-down design on the other.
  • Double Bevel: It is also known as compound bevel and has a fragile and capable cutting ability.
  • Flat bevel: The flat bevel has a taper starting from the spine. It is quite difficult to produce but has a nice sharpness to it.
  • Hollow bevel: These edges have the different structure of a convex bevel. They are typically used to produce straight razors.
  • Sabre bevel: The tapering for this type of bevel starts from the sides (around the blade). They are durable and have a superior cutting ability.

Now that we know a little more about the edges of a knife we should dive a bit deeper. Getting to know the knife angle is very crucial, as it will tell us the sharpening angle of our knives. Usually the more angle your blade has, the stronger and sustainable it is. But you lose the sharpness if you angle your blade too much.

  • 30 to 35-degree angle: This type of angle is found on cleavers as you need a good amount of power for chopping. This amount of angling makes the blade durable and perfect for chopping tasks.
  • 25 to 30-degree angle: It is found in utility or survival knives and will be our primary point of concern. The blade angle is designed for hikers and hunters for certain scenarios where various special features of the knife are needed.
  • 18 to 25-degree angle: This type of knife is usually used for boning and other forms chores. These knives are meant for the kitchen for their sharpness and strength.
  • 12 to 18-degree angle: These knives are usually not that durable but are quite sharp. They are quite suitable for slicing and filleting tasks.

Please keep in mind that the perfect combination of bevel type and angling will get you a knife that is both sharp and durable. But our core point for concern here is the best knife sharpeners. Now let us find out what type of sharpeners are out there to sharpen your most useful tool.

Editor’s Point Of View:

The Best Pocket Knife Sharpener products which have been reviewed so far have one thing in common. They are all superb performers when it comes to sharpening knives and maintaining the edge of the knives. All of the products have certain traits that make it different from the others. Now we will have an in depth look and mention some of the products which will satisfy the customers from our point of view.

Let us get started with the only sharpening stone among the lot. The 97076 EdgeTek Dual Grit Pocket Stone Diamond Knife Sharpener from Buck knives takes wins the honorable mention for the best sharpening stone among the products. It is lightweight and sleek. It has an amazing build quality. Of course, the key feature, the diamond coating on both surfaces make it an excellent stone surface for sharpening knives. Its portability is satisfactory, and the fact that it comes with a carry pack is a bonus. The products from Smith’s have shown a great deal of commitment for our readers. These sharpeners have superior quality, and the sharpening performance is just beyond awesome.

We have a few products to mention here. At first, the king of the sharpeners, the Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener is currently leading the market. Apart from its looks and feel, it is a great performer for the price. This 1-ounce sharpener easily fits in the pocket of the user. Also for cleaning purposes, we need a  damp cloth is required. The product page has specific information about how to use the product without damaging your pocket knife. The carbide blades on the products are replaceable and rigid but can only be used with straight sharp edges. It is a satisfactory trait for the user. It is also worth mentioning that the ceramic stones placing makes finishing the knife edges much easier. The finished blade quality is just perfect.

The Smith’s CCD4 3 IN 1 Field Sharpening System is worth mentioning in our honorary league. The product packs the necessary and commendable set of tools for the hiker or camper to choose. The carbide blades are present here along with the ceramic rods, which provide multi-sharpening capabilities. Rubber feet and guards are there to protect the user from getting injured. The plastic housing is a deal breaker for many, but the overall qualities make it worth mentioning.

The Smith’s DCS4 4-Inch FINE & COARSE Diamond Combo Sharpening Stones are next on our list for the honorary mentions. This product has a straightforward yet sophisticated construction. The diamond beads are well placed. Also fitted with care. Both coarse and fine diamonds have their places. Additional measures for preventing damage to both the user and the product are there. The simplistic yet effective product is definitely worth the look.

Speaking of simplicity, the Winchester Pocket knife sharpener has the best simplistic profile we could find. The products black finish with sleek looks are what you need if you are out there challenging nature. The product comes with the offering of durable performance in any tough setting. It is the go to a sharpener for those who love to have adventures and are not afraid to take on a challenge. These obvious traits have given this product a spot in our honorable mentions.

The products we mentioned are good. But this does not mean that the other products are bad. They are definitely worth the time for your judgment. So, we would urge you to consider all of the products that are listed here and pick the best one that suits your needs.

Final Recommendation:

Our product review for the best pocket knife sharpeners has come to an end. Let the readers know that it has been a great journey for us. We have tried our best to let you know about the best products that are out there for the taking. But we would like to mention a few things before we leave. We started this review concerning a couple of the main things which need attention. The things that you should be concerned about before buying a pocket knife sharpener are crucial you should pay attention when choosing the products.

The pocket knife sharpeners products we have reviewed here all have their ups and downs. They are not perfect in every way but have specific features. We would recommend that you choose the particular set of features to focus on and then make your decision. Without spending some time behind this decision, you are more likely to make the wrong choices.
Another thing to remember. There is a particular set of rules what you should follow. When you are using a knife sharpener. Some of the products that we have chosen have a set of instructions on the products page. Please have a look at them for your sake. There is nothing more for us to say. We have tried our best to guide you along the way. We can only wish you good luck.

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