Best Roach Killer Reviews to Read before Buying One in 2018

Cockroaches are the oldest creature of time. It is said that the dinosaurs have been wiped out but the cockroaches still survived. It is assumed that the cockroaches have been around for the last 300 million years. This is really an enormous time!

Life of this species is amazing, right? Yes, but they always pose threat to human. It totally irritates everyone around it. It spoils our every equipment. From clothes to our important documents. All are being spoiled by their teeth. So, getting rid of roaches is really the first priority of any of us.

But what type of roach killer should you choose for the permanent removal of cockroaches? To the answer to your question, we brought to you some of the best roach killer in the current market. Once you are done reading all the reviews, you will definitely be able to choose the best according to your need and preference.

Getting Rid of Roaches with the best Cockroach Killer 

It’s hard to live in the same house with roaches and insects. The insects will cause you problem in each and every matter of your life. From your food to your office documents- everything will be hampered by them.

To control the growth of roaches, you need to take a step as fast as possible. To get rid of all the roaches you may take the following steps:

  • Call Pest Control Unit
  • Use Trap & Bait
  • Use Spray and Gel
  • Use Aerosol
  • Use Roach Killing Chalk (less effective)

You can simply follow the steps and get out of the suffering from roaches for a long time.

How To Safely Use a Roach Killer?

Whenever you use a roach killer, you have to manually put the traps/chemicals into the right place. But proper safety is need before and after using the chemical-based compound. Follow the simple tips to be safe while using roach killer:

  • Use Proper Gloves

When you use any roach killer, it is better to wear gloves in your hands. It’s safe for both your skin and your health.

  • Always Wash the Hands after Applying

This is a very important topic. Always remember to wash off your both hands with soap. Otherwise, the chemicals can go inside your body at the time of taking any kind of food. All the chemicals are harmful to both your body and as well as your skin.

  • Remember to get rid of the Dead Roaches

The cockroach that is dead from the effect of your roach killer may rot very quickly. You need to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

  • Always Keep Your Children Away

The most important thing to remember is that children are attracted to almost anything. The chemicals of the roach killers have a very bad impact if it goes into the body. Your children are mo

st vulnerable to it. So, always keep an eye on your children and keep the roach killers outside the reach of the children.


Our Top Pick Best Roach Killer In The Market

Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait

With the highest user rating and Performance, this is the quality roach killer in the market. Our users have highly appreciated this cockroach killer. Among all the cockroach remover, this will provide some extra benefits for you.

Features and Benefits

  • All in one Package

The new Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait comes with the advantage of removing not only roaches but also the other creatures that are running around through your house. The insects are always creating a problem for us. This roach remover will also get rid of them forever.

  • Manufactured by MetaActive™ Compound

A new chemical compound has been used in this Advion gel. It has taken the elimination of roaches to a whole new level. The main ability of this chemical compound is that it can directly hurt the central nervous system of the roaches. This results in paralysis for a long time thus dead to the cockroach.

  • No Roach Can Survive

Once the roaches are in contact with the Advion, that’s the end of it. It can run for some time after that, but that’s it. Once the coaches have taken the chemical inside its body, it will die eventually.

  • Long-term Effectiveness

Suppose you have a few cockroaches in your house. When you kill them, you live freely for some days. But they come again. As the advion Syngenta gel bait comes with a pack of 4 sticks. You only need one. Will the others be a total waste right?

You are wrong! From the date of manufacturing, you can use the product up to two whole years. Amazing! Isn’t it?


  • Included 4 tubes with 1 box
  • Will remove the suffering from roaches
  • Extra benefit of removing other insects
  • Very effective MetaActive™ composite


  • Sometimes the roaches don’t get near it. But you can use any food beside it to attract them.

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10 Gentrol Point Source IGR Insect Growth Regulator Discs

best roach killers

If you are a lot of problems with the insects in your storeroom, this is the perfect product for you. It will help you to get rid of the roaches including German Roaches as well as the other kind of store pests

Features and Benefits

  • Hassle-Free System

If you have tried different kinds of roach killer, but every one of them has a different kind of problem this is best Cockroach Killer product you need most. You do not need any other things like food, trap or different kinds of things. Just put the product in any corner of your house and that’s all. Get rid of every roach in the house

  • Effective without Contact with Cockroaches

One of the best features of this product is that it does not need to contact with an insect. If the roaches just walk beside it or come in the area of it, they will be get trapped automatically. After a few minutes, they will be affected by the disk.

  • Twin Mode

One of the unique features is that the Gentrol Point Source comes with a Growth regulator disk. Now, what will you do with it? If you have pests in your house beyond all measures, you can simply activate by squeezing the plastic end. You will get rid of every problem that includes pests.

  • Lasts Forever

The uses of this product are very easy. More importantly, when you put it into your house, it will last for 90 days. No tension for the next three months.


  • Effective for enormous pests
  • Does not need contact with roaches
  • Covers all the corners
  • Doesn’t need extra equipment


  • It does not come with a box
  • 10% of users have found it not worthy

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Harris Famous Roach & Silverfish Killer

best roach killers

The oldest trick in the book of killing roaches is using tablets. The chemical formula is very effective in different situations. Though on the list of the ten roach killers, it will be my last choice. But in this greatest price range, it is very useful.

Features and Benefits

  • Affordable Price

The product comes with the lowest price with the highest benefits. You can easily buy it with a great price range. Therefore, when you are trying to save your money but also trying to get rid of the insects in your house, this is the best roach killer for you.

  • Registered with EPA

EPA stands for Environment Protection Agency. They are the government agency that deals with the violation of nature. This product is certified by the EPA. So, it has no negative impact on the environment. Neither has any side effect on our bodies.

  • No roach can Survive

This product comes with the oldest and most effective form of insect killer. They are made as tablets. As an active ingredient, boric acid is used it in. It can attract the cockroaches very easily toward it. And when the roaches are attracted, they are killed easily.

  • Easy to use

You can easily use the Harris Roach killer. As it comes in the form of a tablet, you can put it in the corners where spraying is not possible. You can literally put a little tablet in any place. Once the roaches have comes in contact, they will die for sure.


  • Works great for ants and roaches
  • Easy to use for any age
  • Attract cockroaches easily
  • Can be kept in any corner of a room
  • Environment-friendly


  • Not the ‘best’ product in the market
  • Efficiency is low

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Ortho 0196410 Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Spray for Indoor and Home Perimeter 24-Ounce

best Cockroach Killer

With the greatest value and the most positive rating, Ortho’s Max killer is one of the best product in current time. It comes in a proper pack of all the things you need to get rid of cockroaches.

Features and Benefits

  • Works for All Type of Insects

According to the details of Ortho, the max insect killer will kill the spiders, roaches and about 130 different species effectively. Sometimes there are also stink bugs that attack us from beneath our bed. All of your problems can be solved with the Max Insect Killer. It comes in the form of a spray.

  • Leaves No Stain

Almost every liquid kind of bug killer leaves different kinds of stain. It hampers the beauty of the house. No one wants to have a house full of stain everywhere. Therefore, The Ortho 0196410 –Home Defense will help you to maintain the beauty of your house as well as removing the bugs from your house permanently.

  • No Bad Smell

Each and every insect killer has a very bad odor. It is truly disgusting. The roaches mainly attack the kitchen most. If you put some insect killer in a corner of the room, it will emit the bad smell. When you use the Ortho 0196410 Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Spray, you will not even get even a little bad smell from it.

  • Usable in Any Place

This best cockroach killer is easy to use. It is usable to almost every corner of your house. Just spray it in the corner or the side of the wall properly. You will get the best use of the killer anywhere you put. You also don’t need to touch the product directly. It’s totally harmless.

  • Better than Pest Control Unit

Have you been totally fed up with the current roaches in your house? Thinking about whether you should call the pest control unit or not?

Hold that thought. First, order this insect killer in your home. Try for some days. You surely will be satisfied by the performance of this insect killer. You will get a much better service than the pest control unit.


  • Very effective with Ants, roaches, and spiders
  • Can last for almost 3-6 months long
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • No odor


  •  No known disadvantages have been found in this product.

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Raid Ant and Roach Aerosol, Lemon Scent

best Cockroach Killer

Where it is the matter of killing some roaches, The Raid Ant Aerosol is the master of it. When you use it, you will definitely be able to remove all the roaches from the house for a perfect and peaceful life.

Features and Benefits

  • Roaches are Killed when Contacted

The new Raid and is the death of all the roaches.  If you spray over a roach directly, the result will be instant. You don’t have to put your hands to do the work. Simply spray over a roach, or in the house of them, each and every roach will die for sure.

  • Last for up to 4 weeks

Once you have sprayed the raid in any corner, it will last for whole 4 weeks. That means when the roaches try to cross it in 4 weeks, they will be executed. Period.

  • Refreshing Scent

Raid Ant and Roach killer aerosol comes with a great fragrance. The whole chemical is treated in such a way that it provides lemon scent from the inside. It is very refreshing. There is also the matter that the aerosol is odorless. So, you will not face any problem with the bad smell.

  • Works Great for ant and Roaches

Either it is ants or roaches, whichever is disturbing you, this is the solution for any of them. You just spray in the house of the ants and they are gone forever. Spray in the affected area and it will be insect free in less than a few days.


  • Comes in the form of the aerosol
  • Totally odorless
  • Lemon scented flavor
  • Instant kill on contact


  • Works well for only ants and roaches.
  • Needs direct contact

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12 Dupont Advion Cockroach Bait Arenas

best Cockroach Killer

The roach killer of Advion has come with a great feature for the first time. It has secured the safety of animals. Where another roach killer is injurious to both human and pets, the 12 Dupont Advion is free of all those problems. According to the safety and environment, this is definitely the best roach killer available in the market.

Features and Benefits

  • Effective for both Indoors & Outdoors

This roach killer is effective for every situation. You may use it inside your house or if you feel, you can also take it outside your home. This bait does not depend on anything. When a cockroach falls inside it that is the last breath it takes.

  • Can be used Residentially or Commercially

Either you have the problem in your house or in your office. If you are facing problems in the storerooms, the 12 Dupont Advion is perfect for any places. It can control the growth of even the most populated area. If you run a pest control unit, you can also buy it for commercial uses.

  • Death Guaranteed

Once the roaches find the DuPont trap, the death of the roach is confirmed. It can easily kill all the roaches just by catching them inside it.

  • Safety of the Pet

The dupont advion cockroach gel bait comes with the safety of your dogs or cats. If you use it according to the label, there is no chance that your pet will get any harm. Your pet’s safety is also our concern. So read the manual before using it in your house.


  • No cockroach can survive
  • Safe for your pets
  • Lowest price
  • Comes with a pack if 12 baits


  • Not 100% Effective
  • Sometimes the roaches don’t take the bait
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 Combat Source Kill Max Roach Killing Gel 60 Grams Pack Of 2

Combat Source Kill Max Roach gel is definitely placed itself on the top of our list. Though the combat is new to the market, its popularity has grown beyond imagination in a very short time. Both from our end users’ perception, this is the high-performance roach killer that has the full potential to eliminate each and every cockroach in your house.

Features and Benefits

  • Comes With a Low Price

As of the efficiency, the market price of this product is very low. Roaches can damage the paperwork worth thousands of dollars. But with a very low price, you will get the best product that is worth lot more than you need.

  • 2 Pack is Enough

This roach killer comes with a pack of 2. The two packs are enough for you to get rid of all the cockroaches and insects in your house.

  • Start Working in Hours

The Combat Source Kill is not only very effective but also less time to consume. It starts its work just in a few hours after contact with the roaches. Once you have finished putting it in all the corners of your house, one week would be enough and you will start getting results.

  • Guaranteed Kill

The Gel comes with proper confidence. It does not need to hunt down the targets. Rather, it is made in such a way that the roaches just find it by their own will. Once they have taken the bait, it is the last breath for them.


  • Comes with gel, easy to use
  • 2 tubes included in one pack
  • Efficiency is very high


  • You have to put it in the perfect place for the best result
  • Many of the customers have found it hard to use

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  Invict Gold Cockroach German Roach Control Gel Bait 4 tubes

This is one of the groundbreaking product made by Rockwell. With the best user review from 597 (at the time of writing this article) customers, it has been rated 4.5! Without providing the proper service, no product can reach this level of popularity in this time limit. If you want the roaches of your house gone forever, this is the product.

Features and Benefits

  • Most Effective Chemical Compound

Currently, Invicta Gold is equipped with imidacloprid 2.15%. The main function of this chemical is that it targets only German Roaches. It is the most dangerous compound for the German roaches. They are attracted to this compound very badly.

  • Comes with the Proper User Manual

There are many products on the market says they can remove all the roaches of the house. But the maximum of them doesn’t come with the proper guidance. Invicta Gold is not like all other products. You can find the proper description of how to use it very quickly.

  • A Single German Roach Can’t escape

Where it is the matter of German roaches, there is not a single product that is better than it. It won’t let a single German cockroach live in its parameter.

  • Comes With 4 tubes

The Invict gold cockroach gel comes with 4 tubes in each packet. The 4 tubes are enough to get rid of all the German roaches in a big house. If your house is small you won’t need this much gel for your house.


  • Totally new formula
  • A 100% efficient for German Cockroaches
  • Easy to use with proper guide
  • The house will be totally free of roaches in about 3-4 months.


  • Works only for German roaches.

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 Combat Roach Killing Bait, Large Roach Bait Station

Where others products in this list are for professional uses, the combat roach killing bait is the master of them all. It has the most effective than all other products. If there are a lot of cockroaches in your house, you should definitely try this amazing invention.

Features and Benefits

  • Included Hydramethylnon

A new formula has been used to make this cockroach gel bait. Hydramethylnon is the compound that is used to attract the cockroaches toward it. When the cockroaches finally eat the bait, it will be dead soon.

  • Effective for a Long time

The Combat Roach Killing Bait is effective for a long time. Just put it in any place of your house and stay tension free for the rest of the days.

  • The Roaches Kills Themselves

This is the part where you would find the product amazing. The usual cockroach killers just kill the roaches they gain contact with. But the combat roach killer not only kills the affected cockroach but also kills any cockroaches that get near it. So, it is something like the nuclear reaction. Once only one cockroach is trapped, the others will die eventually.

  • Comes with the Best Price

All of this features are amazing, right? But you haven’t noticed the most amazing part. It’s the price of the product. The price of the product is really low though all these features have been included.


  • Does not require extra bait
  • Can be useful in all the areas
  • Very easy to use at any age


  • A little delay has been shown to show the effectiveness

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 Black Flag HG-11020-1 Roach Motel Insect Trap

As of the name “Black Flag”- the best product of United Industries is equipped with huge features inside it. The enormous benefit and perfect combination of chemistry make the cockroaches go away.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable up to 4 Months

When you use the black flag in any corner of your house, it will be still active for about 4 months. So, buying a thing that lasts for 4 months is really clever. You won’t have to change the traps every week.

  • Get rid of Spiders and other Insects

Black Flag HG-11020 will not only help you to get rid of cockroaches but also it will remove the other creatures like spider, bugs, or even ants. Therefore, you will be benefitted in many ways when you use this trap

  • No Poison Involved

It may sound odd but the black flag roach motel is not made with poison. Therefore it is more natural and environmentally friendly.  No poison means no side effects to us. Only the roaches and the insects will get the worst from the roach killer.

  • Easy to Set up

It is really very easy to use. Literally, people of any ages can easily set the traps for cockroaches. You can easily put it in any corner of the house. Also, you can keep this trap inside kitchens corner, beneath the bed or storeroom from where they all just keep coming out. Just put it in any place and stay tension free for 4 whole months.


  • Roach killer though the price is high
  • Comes with a pack of 12 traps
  • Can be used for all kinds of insects
  • Either office or homemade for universal uses.


  • Price is a little bit higher
  • Sometimes the roaches may come back
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Final Recommendation

All of the Best Roach Killer products that are mentioned in this article have different types of advantages and disadvantages. But these are the best products for removing the roaches from each and every corner of your house. When you have tried almost hundreds of different brands but did not get a good result, you will find the best cockroach killer among these 10 products. Thus you will finally get relief from your misery.

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