How To Change Road Bike Brake Pads

Reading bicycle blogs always increase our knowledge about the bicycle, like How To Change Road Bike Brake Pads, cleaning the bicycle, repairing parts and more. In different forums, we get a common question about brake pad changing. Thus we decided to write a step by step guide to help you repairing bicycle brake pad. This […]

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How To Make Your Bike Faster and More Efficient

To make your bike faster and more efficient, you have to be careful about your bike. Clean, lubricating and balancing are some important points that will help you making your bicycle faster and efficient. More you will be careful, this will be more beneficial to you to get an efficient bicycle. Thus we decided to […]

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How To Choose The Best Bike For You

Choosing best bike is not a hard task if you consider few basic points carefully. We get the question often that How to choose the best bike? We will list some features together in this post that will help you finding the best bike for you. The price of the bike, production material, design, and […]

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