How To Change Road Bike Brake Pads

Reading bicycle blogs always increase our knowledge about the bicycle, like How To Change Road Bike Brake Pads, cleaning the bicycle, repairing parts and more. In different forums, we get a common question about brake pad changing. Thus we decided to write a step by step guide to help you repairing bicycle brake pad. This is basically five to ten minutes job and this can save your twenty to fifty dollar if you go in bicycle repair shop. Thus we decided to write details instruction, how you can repair your road bike brake pads in your home.

Repairing most of the parts of the bicycle is super easy. You just need basic technical knowledge and repair tool as well. If you practice properly, this will increase your knowledge and help your quick fix of any parts easily. In this post, we will discuss the process to repair road bike brake pads. You need some tools and accessories to do that. If you follow our step by step instruction, you are going to be an expert of changing road bike. Most of the bicycle repair mechanic are doing this work professionally, but believe me, when they start learning, they are alike you. Remove the fear and take a look at your bicycle brake.


Accessories Required To Change Your Bicycle Brake

  • Hex key multi-tool
  • New Brake Pads
  • Cleaning material
  • Lubricant

How To Change Road Bike Brake Pads

Step One: To change your brake pad, remove your old brake pad properly. To do that you have to use your hex key multi-tool. Hex key multi-tool has different types of a key size that will help you removing the brake pad easily. Try different types of keys if you are not experienced before. Hex key multi-tool generally allows you to use five different key styles. You will find one of them matched with your brake pad size. Use that to remove your brake pad. Basically, there have two different keys available, you have to remove both of them.

Step Two: Brake pads are made of two different parts. A steel made frame holds the brake pad. You have to remove the brake pad from that steel frame and install new brake pad on it. Before your install, you can clean the brake pad and join part of the brake pad on your bicycle.

Step Three: Reinstall the brake pad using your multi-tool. You need to install that screws again and make them tight. You have to set this loose or tight based on your requirement.

Step Four: Lube oil on the joint to make this easy moveable. You should use clean oil to make this more consistent and long-lasting.

Final Words: Changing brake pads on your own home saves your money and time as well. This takes only five to ten minutes to repair or change your brake pads. You just need some tools and material to complete the task. An initiative to do this always help you changing your brake pads on your home by saving time and money.


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