How To Change A Bike Tire Step by Step guide

How To Change A Bike Tire
Can you imagine how frustrating the flat tires on your bicycle?

Whether you ride the bicycle for your daily errand or for the gym, at some points you’ll likely need to change your bike tire. The tire may either pop while on a ride or just require to be changed due to damage. Hence, replacing a bike tire is a necessary skill for every cyclist.

If you know how to change a bike tire, the tedious thing will be an easy deal. You’ll need only a few tools most of which may be usually found around your house and about an hour of your time. Then, you’ll be able to change your bicycle tires and ready to ride again.

Things You’ll Need

When you need to change your bike tire, it doesn’t matter where you’re, but the important part is being prepared to do the task. Before starting to change your bike tire, you’ll require a repair kit that includes:

  • Tire Pump
  • Tire lever
  • Spare tubes
  • New tires


You’ll require two pumps. One on your bike and the other at your home. Make sure you have got the pump that is consistent with your tube’s valve.

Tire Levers

It’s great if you are getting a tire off the rim without using tire levers. But for your convenience, always make sure that you’ve tire levers on your bike or at your workstation. Moreover, try to learn the proper use of levers. For the first time, it may be tricky. But after a bit of practice, things will be easy.

Spare Tubes

If you’re a regular bicycle rider, you’re going to need several spare tubes. It’s an opportunity that if you buy in bulk, you’ll find a great deal of money.

Follow Our Simple Directions For Changing A Bike Tire And Get Back On The Road Quickly.

Let’s start!

Basic Steps Of How to Change A Bike Tire

  1. Remove the wheel from the bike
  2. Remove the tube from the rim
  3. Inspect the tire and tube
  4. Repair or replace the tube
  5. Reinstall the bike wheel

    1. Remove The Wheel From The Bike

The first step is to remove the wheel from your bike. To do this, loosen the nuts on the axle. If you feel it extremely tight, you may spray a little amount of lubricant on the nuts. If your bike has a quick-release lever, loosen the wheel simply by flipping one of the levers and slides out the wheel from the front fork. Lift the chain clear of the gear, If you need to remove the rear wheel. To do it easily, transfer the chain to the smallest gear. In some cases, you may need to loosen the brake cable from a clamped position.

  1. Remove The Tube From The Rim

Press down on the inner portion of the valve, it’ll help to let all the air out from the tire and deflate the tube. If your cycle has a Presta valve, remove the lock ring and unscrew the top of the stem to deflate the tube.

All the way around the rim, squeeze the tire together to loosen the beads from the rim.

Take a tire lever and slide it between the rim and tire slowly and with great care not to pinch the inner tube. Move this lever around the rim about an eight of the diameters. Similarly, slide the second lever, leaving the first one in place and move the second one around the rim. The tire will come right off the rim. Then, remove the inner tube and tire from the rim.

  1. Inspect The Tire And Tube

Search the cause of the flat.

First, inspect the outer side of the tire for any clue of wear or damage. Things like nails, glass, thorn may be the reason to cut or tear the tread or tire sidewall.

Second, thoroughly check both the inner tube and the inside surface of the tire. Rub with finger carefully along the surface area and try to detect the sharp objects that may puncture the tube.

If you fail to find out the cause of the flat, inflate the tube and check for the air leak. The best way is to insert the tube with air in water. Notice where the bubbles are coming out

  1. Repair Or Replace The Tube

If there is no permanent damage to the tube, decide whether you repair or replace it.


For emergency, you may repair the tube. To do this, after cleaning the damaged area, apply glue on the spot and allow it to set. Then, apply the rim patch/ tube patch. Hold it with pressure in place.


Unpack the new tube and detach the dust cap and the lock ring.

Partially fill the tube with pumps of air and put it into the tire.

First, try to put the tire one side onto the rim, then put the other side on.

Inflate the tube carefully and slowly.

Pull out the pump and tighten the screw and lock ring.

  1. Reinstall The Bike Wheel

You’re now ready to reinstall the wheel on the bike.

Rear Wheel

Lower the bike in place.

Pull the derailleur back and down to get it out of its way.

Bring the saddle in the lower position, then the axle will securely be seated in the dropouts.

Hold the quick-release lever in place and tighten the bolt on the drive side of the bike.

Spin the pedals and make sure that the gears shift normally.

Front Wheel

Slowly lower the fork with the axle.

Slightly push down on the handlebar.

Hold the quick-release lever and tighten the nut.

Re-tension the brakes and check they’re working.



Thanks for your patience to read our article on how to change a bike tire.

Hopefully, you’ve found the directions of changing a bike tire informative and the most useful.

Now, it’s your time to go out and ride your bike.

What you need is just practice.


Before getting on, it’s your responsibility to do the quick five-point safety check to ensure that your riding will be safe and enjoyable.

Have a nice long bike ride with your new tires and tubes!

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