The 5 Minutes Bike Wash!  How To Clean Your Bike

How To Clean Your Bike

Cleaning a bike not only make your bike shiny but also increase its performance a few times more. You must clean your bicycle once a day if you use a bicycle every day or clean your bicycle once a week if you are an occasional cyclist. Either way, you have to take care of your bicycle appropriately. Taking care of your bicycle properly, increase its performance and make this long-lasting. Thus we decided to write few cleaning step that will help you clean your bicycle effortlessly. Without cleaning your bicycle regularly, its performance will decrease, because dust and dirty water produce rust on your bicycle.You always need to know how to clean your bike.

bike-cleaning-spraying-waterAccessories Required For Cleaning:

  • Cotton cloth – you can use torn T-shirt
  • Different types of soft brushes
  • Bucket to hold water
  • Square-headed brush for wheel
  • Garden hose to spray water
  • Detergent or soap for washable parts
  • Sponges to make bicycle dry
  • Bike repair stand

Few Steps To Clean Your Bicycle Quick

Step One:


Before you start cleaning inner side of your bike, you should clean the outer side carefully. Massive cleaning needs on the outer side that will help you clean most of the time. You can wash your bike carefully using water. You can use a cotton cloth to remove dust or dirt. This will remove most of the dirty thing from your cycle. You can use detergent or soap mixed water to make your cleaning process faster and smoother.

Step Two:


If you have a garden hose, use it to spray water with force. This will remove dust more conveniently. Throwing water with garden hose ensure the best cleaning. Because this produces pressure and removes dirt forcibly. You should clean both inner and outer side. But cleaning inner side with water is hard sometimes. To clean that part you can use a brush or something.

Step Three:


Cleaning bicycle chain and other tiny places are hard and you can use a square-headed brush to the wheel. Try to avoid using water on that parts. Use a clean tissue or cotton cloth to clean that parts. Use lube to clean that parts. When you are cleaning your bicycle chain, you should avoid using detergent.

Use Sponges To Dry: After cleaning your bicycle you should dry your bicycle quickly. You can keep your bicycle in the sunshine to make it dry quickly. This will ensure no wet of water and help you keep your bicycle rust free as well. After cleaning, you can use a sponge and dry cloth.

Lube on Chain: When you clean your bicycle with water, this removes lube from chain and joints as well. So you should lube after cleaning. Use clean and fresh lubricant after wash. Because using dirty oil perform badly.

Final Words:

Cleaning your bicycle once a day or week ensure better performance from your bike. We listed few easy steps that will help you get best performance bicycle easily and effectively. You need not go to the mechanic shop to clean your bicycle. Just follow above steps to clean your bike effortlessly.

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