How To Put Air In Tires

Feeling annoyance with flat bike tire?

But, no more.

Putting air in bike tires is a very simple and easy task if you know how.

Less air pressure in your bike tire can create serious consequences on the road. If your bike tire has less air pressure you’ve to pedal harder since a larger part of the tire hits the road surface at once while running.

Hence, it’s important for a rider to have a thorough knowledge about the amount of the air in bike tires and to know how to put air in tires before heading out on the trails or on the road for a ride.

If you realize the importance of learning how to put air in bike tires, this article is for you. In our article, we’ve provided all the necessary information regarding putting air in the bike tires and how this can be done easily as well as properly.

Why Putting Air In Bike Tires Is Important?

Before we proceed with the discussions on how to put air in tires let us first take a quick look at why putting air in bike tires is important.

  • Your bike tire should have the right amount of air in order to make your riding comfortable and safe.
  • External factors like conditions of the road, the extent of use, temperature have an effect on the air pressure. So, before heading to the road, always make sure that your bike tire has the right pressure of air.

Determining The Valve Type Of Your Bike

Before inflating the tires of your bike, it’s important to identify the valve type your bike has.

Your bike may have any one of the following types of valve:

  • Schrader Valve
  • Presta Valve
  • Dunlop Valve

Presta Valve

  • Also called French or Sclaverland valve
  • Most common among the bicycles
  • Narrow (6mm) and long
  • Consists of an inner valve body and an outer valve stem
  • Comes with a valve cap to keep out water and dirt

Schrader Valve

  • Also called Car valve or American valve
  • Although most common in car tires, also found on certain bikes
  • 8mm wider and shorter than Presta valve
  • Consists of an inner valve core with an outer valve stem
  • Contains a spring that closes the valve when the pin is not depressed

Woods Valve

  • Also known as English or Dunlop valve
  • Width 8mm
  • Mechanism follows as Presta valve

Things You’ll Need

After determining the valve type, you now need to collect the materials that you’ll need to put air in the tire. You will need the following materials.

Bike Pump

  • Check the pump to see what type of valve it is compatible with.
  • If it features two holes, its large hole will be compatible with Schrader as well as Dunlop and smaller will fit with Presta valve.
  • If you ride your bike frequently, you should buy a portable bike pump that is more convenient and compact.


  • If your bike valve is Presta, you may need an adaptor. 

A Pen Cap

  • If your bike valve is Schrader, you’ll need a small thing like a pen cap to press down on the stem.

Know The Correct Air Pressure

It’s important to fill the bike tire with the appropriate amount of pressure. You’ll find the recommended tire pressure imprint on your bike tire, which is expressed by PSI.

Standard PSI ranges for

Road bike                  80 to 130 PSI

Mountain Bike          30 to 50 PSI

Hybrid tire                 50 to 70 PSI

How To Put Air In Schrader Valve

  • Unscrew the rubber cap at the top to open the valve
  • Know the recommended PSI range. It’s usually printed on the side of the tires.
  • Get the pump ready. You can use a gas station pump.
  • Attach the pump to the valve. If there is a lever with the nozzle, open it.
  • Start pumping the tire. Observe the PSI when you pump.
  • Pump carefully more than enough air.
  • Close the valve with the tip.

Your bike is now ready for the next ride.

How To Put Air In Presta Valve

  • To open the Presta valve, unscrew the dust cap and safely put it somewhere
  • Loosen the brass cap enough on the valve stem. Don’t remove it completely
  • Squeeze at the top. If you hear air passing through, it is loose enough
  • If there is a lever, keep it in the open position
  • Find out the recommended PSI
  • Locate a gas station pump on the nozzle. You’ll need an adapter
  • Start pumping
  • Check the pressure carefully
  • After putting the recommended PSI, flip the lever back up
  • Remove the pump
  • Screw the brass cap
  • Put the dust cap

How to put air in Wood valve

  • To put air in the tire with Wood valve, follow the same mechanism described above for Presta valve.

Things You Should Know

  • If you don’t have a pressure indicator or are confused about the recommended PSI, pump the air until you feel the valve firm. Press the valve slightly, if you feel firm, it’s done.
  • Pumps are of “stand-up variety” or “ mini/portable”.
  • Valve caps are necessary to keep clean the valves. If you don’t use it, the valves will get dirty making to pumping difficult and will deflate quickly.
  • Regularly check the air pressure of your bike tire.
  • Be careful not to pump too much air in your bike tire. It may explode.


Your bike is now ready for your next ride.

After reading our article, putting air in bike tire has become an easy and painless task to you.

Definitely, you’ve find our directions on how to put air in tires most helpful.


Besides knowing how to put air in tires, it’s also important to know how you’ll take care of it.

The tips that we’ve shared on “Things You Should Know” in our article will definitely help you to well maintain your bike tire. A well-maintained tire will stay inflated and functional for a longer span of life.

Hope, you’ve found all the required information as well as directions on how to put air in your bike tire in our article.

Enjoy Your Next Riding!

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