How To Remove Tire From Rim at your home

Whether you regularly ride a bicycle for your daily life or for gym workouts, sometimes you may require to change or replace your bicycle tire. The tread life of your bicycle tire completely depends on the components it’s made of. When the tread wears out and wear-mark indicators found on the tire, you need to change it.

Then, if it is so, what will you do?

Will you take your bicycle to a tire shop and get the help of a professional?


Will you have a try to remove the tire by yourself?


Whatever, read our instructions regarding how to remove tire from rim. It’ll definitely help you to get the job done by yourself easily.

Before starting, an overview of bicycle tire and reasons to remove a tire will be useful to know the issue better.

Fabric cord or a steel wire is the main component of tires. The fabric cord is molded into each end of the tire, which is called “bead”.

The bead finally forms a circle, the radius of which determines the tire adjust to the rim. The tire bead size is set to suit into the rim bead seat (space under the outer rim edge).


Why Will You Need To Remove A Tire From The Rim?

Some of the common reasons are:

  • Punctures from sharp things poking through the tire
  • To remove something sharp that stuck in the tire
  • Worn out tires
  • The old rim tape is no more able to cover the spoke holes.

Now, what will you do?

Generally, you can take your bicycle to a tire shop and take the professional’s help to remove the tire. A special tool is used there to pull the tire away from the rim.

You can do the job at your home, too. First, you have to remove the valve core (tube) or just pull out the entire valve stem. You may need to use a hand tool to do the job.

For the first time, the task of removing the tire from the rim seems to you difficult. However, concentration and enough effort can make the job done easily.

Let’s go to learn the step by step procedure of removing the tire from the rim.

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1: Loosen The Nuts

You’ll find there is a nut that holds the axle to the frame of your bicycle. First, you’ve to loosen or remove this nut. If you feel these extremely tight, spraying a little amount of lubricant on the nuts will make the task easy. A vegetable oil or a silicone lube can do the jobs very well. Modern bikes may feature quick-release instead of nuts. If so, use it to easily loosen and remove the wheels.

 Step 2: Release The Brakes

To release the brake, pull the brake cable out of the socket on the brake arms. Keep in mind that brake setup may differ from one another, depending on the model of your bicycle. In some bicycles, you may need to loosen the cable from a clamped position.

Step 3: Grab The Wheel And Take It Out Of The Frame

If you’re working with the rear wheel, lift the chain clear of the gear cluster. To make the task easy, before loosening the nuts or screw, shift over the chain to the smallest gear on the wheel.

Step 4: Deflate The Tube Thoroughly

Unscrew the top part of the stem, it’ll help you to release the air in the tube. If your bike has lock ring screw onto the stem, at this step, you may also require to unscrew it and sit flush on the rim. Press down on the inner part of the valve to deflate the tube thoroughly.

Step 5: From The Rim, Loosen The Tire Beads

Around the rim, squeeze the tire together all the way. It will make the tire beads loosen. You’ll observe the tire released from the inside of the rim.

Step 6: Take A Few Tire Levers

Using a few tire levers will make your task easy. The tire lever available at any local bike or outdoor store. You can also use some spoons or fork instead of the tire lever. But avoid using a sharp screwdriver or something like that. Be careful to scratch or damage the rims by these tools. Insert the lever anywhere between the edge of the rim and the tire. But be careful not to puncture the inner tube. Pry the lever up over the rim. Turn around the rim about an eight of the perimeter. Repeat this step, leaving the first lever in place. Make sure, move the lever outside of the rim until you’ve separated this side of the tire from the rim.

Step 7: Pull Out The Tube Entirely

Now, glide the second lever around the rim. Eventually, the tube will come right off the top of the outer rim side. You may require applying some hard grease over the surface of the rim while stirring the tire out of place.

Step 8: Remove The Tire

Flip the wheel and press the pry bar between the rim of the wheel and the tire. Continuously pry the tire off the wheel.  Repeat the step in the same direction. Immediately, the whole side of the tire will be loose enough. Grab the top of the tire in one hand. Pull it sideways. Over the top of the outer rim side, the tire will come off. Remove the tire completely.


  • Try to remove the tire without tools first.
  • With fat tire bicycles, it’s quite easy to remove the tire without tools. But for thin tire bicycles, things seem somewhat difficult.
  • If you can’t do the job without tools, you can use a couple of tire levers.
  • Try to avoid using sharp screwdrivers instead of levers.
  • Keep the distance between two levers about 4” or 10cm


You’ve already known how to remove tire from rim. The procedure of removing the tire from a bike is same of all kinds of the bike such as hybrid bike, road bike or a mountain bike.

After going through our article, you’ve found that removing a tire from the rim isn’t a super easy task, but it isn’t a rocket science too. What you need is to learn the process of removing the tire properly.

It needs a little practice to master the techniques.

Hopefully, our step-by-step instructions will help you to have your job done easily and effortlessly.

Now that you know the secret of removing the tire from the rim, do it yourself!

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