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How To Clean A Bike Chain

Are you facing difficulties while changing gear of your bicycle? Or Recently, is your bicycle not performing as expected? If your answer is “YES”, look into your bicycle chain. The bike chain is one of the essential parts of your bicycle that shifts the energy of your pedaling to the wheels. It’s typically the dirtiest […]

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How To Put Air In Tires

Feeling annoyance with flat bike tire? But, no more. Putting air in bike tires is a very simple and easy task if you know how. Less air pressure in your bike tire can create serious consequences on the road. If your bike tire has less air pressure you’ve to pedal harder since a larger part […]

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How To Adjust Front Derailleur Step by Step guide

Are you facing trouble shifting chainring and moving it across using your foot during cycling? A rider knows how frustrating it is. To avoid this happening, you should learn how to adjust front derailleur. Although the front derailleur looks simpler than the complicated looking rear derailleur, the setting up and adjusting a front derailleur isn’t […]

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How To Adjust Bicycle Brakes

Who doesn’t like his bicycle brake will be nice and effective? Do you know how to adjust bicycle brakes? Everybody wishes that his bicycle brake would be able to stop quickly when needed. If you go fast, you know how important it is to start the braking as soon as you touch the brake lever. […]

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How To Remove Tire From Rim at your home

Whether you regularly ride a bicycle for your daily life or for gym workouts, sometimes you may require to change or replace your bicycle tire. The tread life of your bicycle tire completely depends on the components it’s made of. When the tread wears out and wear-mark indicators found on the tire, you need to […]

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