Schwinn 700c Hybrid Bike Review

The Schwinn Discover Hybrid bike can be summed up in these two words; quality and innovation which seeks to provide great performance to people of all ages. The Schwinn 700c Hybrid Bike was designed majorly for those riders who like commuting to work or cruising down a leisure bike path.

In other words, this bike can be used for light commercial purposes and also for leisure riding. This bike has some extra features which other bikes lack thus creating a huge gap in the market between it and other bikes.

For example, if we take a sneak preview of one such feature, one will notice that it is fitted with a 21- speed SRAM grip shifters for fast and easy gear changes plus a Shimano TX -31 rear derailleurs.

The Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike (700C Wheels), Black also puts the comfort and safety of the rider at heart. For instance, the bike is outfitted with Schwinn suspension fork to absorb shock and a padded saddle with a suspension seat post.

Schwinn 700c Hybrid Bike Features:

Schwinn 700c Hybrid BikeAluminium Frame:

The bike is outfitted with an aluminum city frame which is just sleek and stylish on its way. Aluminum is considered to be a strong type of metal and also unimaginable light enough to be used for the Schwinn bike.

The frame being of aluminum the Schwinn 700c Hybrid Bike can carry a substantial amount of weight without much pressure or strain on the bike. This creates a tough impression of the bike.

Schwinn Suspension Fork:

The Schwinn suspension fork acts as a shock absorber. This is for the safety and comfort of the rider when he is riding on rough terrain. The suspension is located underneath the rider’s seat.

The Schwinn hybrid bike seeks to ensure the rider enjoys the ride to the highest most attained aspects of comfort. That is why quality is a big factor for the Schwinn discover hybrid bike. Instances, where this suspension comes in handy, are so many but the main goal was to enhance the safety and comfort of the rider.


The majority of riders love speed which adds some thrill to the ride and makes it more exciting instead of just a slow or normal boring ride.

The Schwinn discover bike has a feature of a 21- speed SRAM grip shifters for fast and easy gear changes. This feature simply leaves the choice in the hands of the rider. This system comes in handy for those planning to go for an adventure off-road or hill riding.


The design and structure of the handlebar are upright along with the paddled saddle. This is set to achieve an ergonomic structure which allows the rider to assume an upright posture when riding thus evading minor health risks such as back problems that come along as a result of assuming the wrong riding posture. The design also seeks to curb the problem of muscle strains by riders.

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Pros :

  • The bike is available at affordable prices which are the best.
  • The braking system is solid and also boasts of a grip shifter.
  • The bike is low on weight thus easy to use anywhere and everywhere.
  • Its toughness makes it among the best suited for outdoor adventures.
  • Durable and easily sustainable.

Cons :

  • Unlike other bikes, this one takes quite some time for one to assemble.
  • The bike has plastic fenders which are not durable.

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700c Schwinn  Hybrid Bike Reviews Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much weight can the bike manage?

A: The Schwinn has proven time and again that it is tough and strong enough to carry a substantial amount of weight. There is no specific set maximum, but for sure it can sustain a good amount of weight.

Q: Is it easily assembled? 

A: For this bike am afraid the assembling needs much of an expert, a first timer will fumble about before figuring it out. The user manual does not offer much help for the buyer regarding assembling. However, the bike usually comes when partly assembled.

Q: How much does it cost compared to other bikes?

A: It is quite affordable for a bike of its design and caliber.

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Final Recommendation:

My conclusion is that Schwinn 700c Hybrid Bike has more positives or rather advantages than flaws which are normal in any product. Those features it has helped in a great way in putting it ahead of the rest of the game.

It’s multipurpose of sought aspect also seems to cut across the board, reaching to those who love outdoor adventure specifically hill climbing on bikes and also those who just like enjoying leisure rides on flat pavements in town or some terrain.

Regardless of its stylish and sleek outlook, the bike retails for quite an affordable price which can be afforded by quite some people.

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