Schwinn OR2 Hybrid Bike Review

A hybrid bike offers a good ride experience to riders both off road and on road, so if one hasn’t tried the bike yet, it’s high time you bought it and test it on your own.

Schwinn OR2 Hybrid Bike Review

This bike was mainly manufactured for those people who like comfort when riding. I don’t get tired when riding the Schwinn bike because it comes with an adjustable seat, this allows its riders to enjoy all forms of comfort when riding the bike.

It’s padded saddle and upright handlebars tend to offer relief even to the most crooked, pain-ridden spine, hence one can ride over long distances without tiring themselves.

Despite the comfortability this bike offers, it also has an appealing look which will attract the buyer at first glance.

Schwinn OR2 Hybrid Bike Review

Aluminum Frame

This gives the bike a lightweight. The aluminum frame also gives the bike resistance to weather, age wear, and tire. This enables the bike to serve the user for a long time without its tires wearing out due friction. Hence it lasts longer than other bikes.

Suspension Fork

or2 hybrid bike  The suspension fork helps the seat of the rider and the bike, in general, to absorb shock one might encounter while riding the bike on rocky or a place with uneven terrain.


21-Speed SRAM Grip Shifters

schwinn or2 hybrid bike

The shifters present on the bike will allow one to have a perfect grip on the road and better control over the bike when one is riding it. One will have a quick gear change over as compared to other bikes of its nature.

Promax Alloy Linear Pull Brakes

These brakes help whoever is riding the bike to make an instant and most accurate stop when one is riding the bike. It doesn’t matter whichever place the person is at be it a hilly place or on flat ground with this braking system one can make a stop anywhere.

Swept-Back Upright Handlebars

or2 hybrid bike review These handlebars allow one to sit comfortably and have sufficient space to grip the handlebars and still ride the bike efficiently.

No one likes to feel uncomfortable or uneasy over the handlebars when they are riding the bikes hence Schwinn is the best bike to choose.

Padded Saddle Seat

or2 hybrid bike The seat enables whoever is riding the bike for hours without getting tired or getting any discomfort that will cause one to want to stop riding the bike. This is important for people who have a long distance to commute.


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  • The classic look of the bike will fit anyone with any personality or need of use.
  • The bike has a nice padded seat.
  • Most of the bikes come to you pre-assembled for one’s convenience.


  • This particular bike is made for taller people.
  • Its gears and its brakes do not come to you already adjusted hence one has to adjust them by themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do hybrid bikes make good commuter bikes?

A: Yes, they do. The bikes have an aluminum frame which gives them a lightweight; they have a good braking system and also an adjustable seat which makes one comfortable when one is riding for long hours.

Q: Is it better to have a suspension or a rigid fork?

A: Neither of them is better than the other because a suspension fork gives a smoother, plusher feel to the rider while the rigid fork gives the bike a more responsive, but slightly bumpier feel.

Q: What types of rides is this bikes best suited for?

A: These bikes are most suited for casual riding. Riding along the streets with your kids and family, in the neighborhood and mostly for short distances.

Final Verdict

This happens to be one of the best bikes on the market. This bike is made by one of the known and trusted company which is the Schwinn Company.

I would recommend people to buy this bike because it gives one a comfortable feel when one is riding the bike. one can make instant stops due to the good braking systems of the bike and finally, the bike has an appealing look which can attract all sorts of people. So if anyone is looking for a bike, I will advise to buy the Schwinn bike and don’t be afraid to try this bike.

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